Crystal of the Week: Tanzanite

Tanzanite Meaning and Healing Properties

Tanzanite is one of the most breathtaking and rare minerals on the planet. Tanzanite is the most widely known member of the Zoisite mineral group and one of the world's most popular gemstones. It was first discovered in 1967, near the base of the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; the only location in the world that it is found! Tanzanite is 1,000 times more rare than diamonds making it highly collectible, and it is expected to become mined out within a decade. Tanzanite is the modern December birthstone. Tanzanite is a transparent blue zoisite that is colored by the presence of vanadium.

Tanzanite is one of the highest vibrational stones due to its profound ability to activate all the Heart and upper Chakras. Tanzanite creates a channel of energy between the Heart and Crown Chakras. This channel allows you to receive wisdom and guidance from the Divine into your heart for healing.

Meditating with Tanzanite is a beautiful experience. I prefer to pair with Heart, Third Eye or Crown Chakra crystals depending on the intention. Tanzanite will raise your vibration, allowing you to ascend to higher levels of consciousness.

Enchanting Tanzanite Finger Bracelet Rings
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Metaphysical properties

♡ Chakra: Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown

♡ Element: Spirit

♡ Numerology: 11

♡ Zodiac: Sagittarius, Gemini, Capricorn

♡ Access to higher frequencies, brings messages & visions

♡ Connects heart & mind for spiritual evolution

♡ Enhances compassion, intuition & raises your vibration

♡ Promotes calming of the mind, compassion & love

♡ Supports the brain and mental health

Tanzanite Specimens

Crystal pairings

Tanzanite creates harmony with the upper Chakras. Pairing with other crystals for a specific intention will complement and enhance its powers.

Moldavite + Tanzanite

I love pairing Moldavite with Tanzanite because of the beautiful harmony this union creates. Moldavite is the highest vibrational stone (technically a tektite, but we often refer to other materials as stones when we discuss energy). Tanzanite is also a high vibrational stone, but its strong connection to the Heart Chakra helps to balance the energy flow when working with Moldavite. This is a powerful combination to work with to accelerate your spiritual awakening process and receive Divine guidance.

Watermelon Tourmaline + Tanzanite

This pairing brings me so much joy! Tourmalines and Tanzanite hold a higher vibration than most stones, making them a powerful pairing for meditation. Pairing Tanzanite with Watermelon Tourmaline is extremely refreshing to the aura. This is a combination to work with when you are working through repressed emotions and traumas. Through Tanzanite's channel to the Crown Chakra, you will be able to download guidance from the Divine, Source or guides to bring you balance, peace and healing in the Heart Chakra. 

Larimar + Tanzanite

Anyone who struggles with relaxation for meditation or relaxation in general, this is the pairing for you! When you bring a piece of Larimar into your energy field, you are going to be transported to a state of pure peace and relaxation. Larimar has a strong connection to the Divine Feminine and when paired with Tanzanite, you are going to connect with her on a whole new level. You can also work with this pairing to enhance your communication skills and clairaudience ability.

Affirmation: My heart is awakened to the divine source.

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Jamie Inglett

Jamie Inglett is founder and CEO of Enchanting Earth and author of Crystal Creed. Founded in late November 2019, Enchanting Earth has an ever-growing online crystal community of over 185,000 and has sold millions of crystals to enchanted souls across the globe. Jamie is an intuitive healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual teacher. She also has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Jamie retired from her career as a banking executive to pursue her mission of spreading empowerment, love, and healing through crystals.

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