Real or Fake? "Lavender Moon Quartz" or "Gem Blue/Lavender Rose Quartz"

Real or Fake? "Lavender Moon Quartz" or "Gem Blue/Lavender Rose Quartz"

October 2022 Update: Confirmed by a trusted source at the Denver Gem Show 2022, some of what we are currently seeing on the market is natural Amethyst, however, it is being heated to create the girasol-like (milky) effect. Most of the material on the market (in my humble opinion), is overpriced for an enhanced stone, however, it is beautiful nonetheless. As a collector for mineralogical, beauty and metaphysical healing, I personally love its appearance and will only carry authentic and beautiful pieces I feel are worth the price. Just because something has been heated does not mean it's not valuable or beautiful. Be careful of many fakes out there! We guarantee all our material is authentic so if you want to purchase yours knowing its authentic from Brazil, we have beautiful pieces on our site.

Good afternoon crystal family!

I've been getting tons of messages on Instagram about some interesting materials we are seeing in the gem world, so I thought this would be a fun series on unique or suspicious stones! Send me a DM on Instagram if there's a stone you would like to see next! I've already got a very interesting one to share with you soon!

If you've been following us for a while, you know how we feel about fake/man-made crystals! My personal belief on fake/man-made stones is that they do not work for healing and are worthless for lack of a better word. However, if you feel guided to use them, go for it! Your intuition is your best guide! 

So, I've been seeing this material coined as "Lavender Moon Quartz" or even "Gem Blue Rose Quartz" that looked a little suspicious to me. I'll be honest, the name was very off-putting to me as well. It is said to be from from the Boquira Mine (no longer producing) in the municipality of Oliveira dos Brejinhos in the northern Brazilian state of Bahia. I reached out to all of my Brazilian friends and none of them knew what I was talking about, which I found extremely alarming so I decided it was not a material we would carry. We like to source our stones from their origin country and due to the lack of availability with our trusted vendors, I felt like this was not a material we should carry. Also, it was priced extremely high for a form of Quartz in my personal opinion. It was just covered in red flags...

Fast forward several months, I'd been getting lots of messages on Instagram on this material and literally seeing it everywhere so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a few pieces! I am sharing two of the test results of the pieces I decided to keep after I realized I wanted to make this a series!

Faceted Gem Results - Not surprised by this at all! FAKE

Lavender Moon Quartz Gem Test Results

Next, up the bracelet! I was SHOCKED!

Bracelet Test Results - REAL

 Lavender Moon Quartz Bracelet Test Results

Lavender Moon Quartz Bracelet Test Results

Conclusion, while I do think this is a very pretty material with a very soft, loving energy, I still feel like it's overpriced for a form of quartz. We have decided to offer bracelets on a very select basis, every single bracelet we offer will be tested before it's sold due to the high percentage of fake material on the market. I would definitely put this into a collector category, it's not a must have for everyone! There's plenty of beautiful affordable options of Rose Quartz. That said, do I plan to add a few pieces to my collection? Absolutely! It just won't be a staple in the shop.

What are your thoughts on Lavender Moon Quartz? Do you have any in your collection or plan to add it? If you do, please be careful because HALF of the pieces we have tested are fake...

Let me know what stones you would like to investigate next!

Sending you lots of love and good vibes!



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