Natural & Ethically Sourced healing crystals

Bracelet Size Guide

We are passionate about our best selling crystal bracelets and want you to be in love with the stone and fit!  Understanding your bead size selection as well as wrist size will help you in selecting a bracelet you will love every time!  

Bracelets are a single strand with an elastic band.  Multiple bracelets are usually pictured on our product listings to show variation in the natural stone.  the average size of our round bead bracelets is approximately 7-7.5 inches.  Each bracelet will have a bead size to select from if there are multiple options.  Beads are measured in mm (see scaled chart below).  

To measure your wrist, we recommend using a flexible ruler or string to wrap around your wrist to your fit preference and then use a ruler to determine your size and add a cm or two depending on how tight or lose you would like the bracelet to fit.  Depending on your fit preference, those with as small as a 5 inch and up to a 7.5 inch wrist circumference should be able to wear our bracelets.  

With certain bracelets, we may be able to offer a custom size fit!  Please inquire BEFORE purchasing if you have specific sizing requests to confirm if it is possible for the bracelet you wish to purchase and the cost for your request.  

We are unable to provide any resizing if you contact us after placing the order, as orders are pulled periodically during the day and sent to our warehouse for fulfillment.  There will always be an additional charge and additional processing time for each bracelet request to resize.  

We are not responsible for damage to jewelry after it has been worn. Please make sure you understand bead sizing (measured in mm) prior to purchasing as we do not accept returns/exchanges.  Please take care of your gemstone jewelry and do not wear it during any activity that you may catch them on.  Stretchy band bracelets will only stretch so far before snapping.  We are a small business and cannot send replacements or issue refunds if you break your jewelry.