Crystals for Beginners: top 10 crystals for beginners

Crystals for Beginners: top 10 crystals for beginners

Did you know there are over 4,000 identified minerals on Earth? Beginning the healing journey with crystals is both exciting and overwhelming! Over my last decade of working with stones and their healing energy, I am frequently asked which ones are the best to begin with. Below you will find 10 of my favorite beginner crystals and their properties that will help you on your healing journey!

clear quartz

Clear Quartz is my number one suggestion for crystal beginners. As you begin your spiritual journey, you will find working with specific crystals enhances and accelerates healing.

Clear Quartz is programmable, so you can hold work with Clear Quartz for healing or manifesting any intention. Clear Quartz can be used in place of any healing crystal when programmed. Clear Quartz has a profound healing energy it uses to cleanse and restore the Aura and all Chakras.

♡ Chakra: All

♡ Element: All

♡ Numerology: 7

♡ Zodiac Sign: All

♡ Amplifies energy and intentions

♡ Master healer 

♡ Progammable for intentions & use in crystal grids

♡ Provides clarity and spiritual awareness

♡ Supports the immune & nervous system

Clear Quartz


Selenite is the most powerful minerals for cleansing and purification. It has a profoundly calming nature that calms anxiety and clears away and energy. Selenite is so pure it will not need cleansing. It immediately transmutes and clears energy. Selenite is a must have in your crystal collection.

♡ Chakra: Crown

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether

♡ Numerology: 8

♡ Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

♡ Cleanses & purifies energy fields, body, mind and spirit

♡ Communication with Higher Self

♡ Clears energetic blockages & amplifies energy

♡ Used to build energy fields & create energetic vortexes

♡ Supports overall healing & direct high frequency energy



Amethyst is one of the most popular varieties of Quartz, known for its beautiful shades of purple. This will quickly become your go-to crystal when you are working on going deeper in your spirituality. Amethyst helps you connect with the Divine to receive guidance. If you have previously struggled with connection  in your spiritual practice, Amethyst will help you receive guidance.

♡ Chakra: Third Eye & Crown

♡ Element: Wind

♡ Numerology: 3

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

♡ Brings calm, clarity to the mind & enlightenment

♡ Enhances intuition & connection with Divine

♡ Provides protection & energetic purification

♡ Releases addictions, anger, anxiety & fears

♡ Supports the nervous system & brain



Labradorite is a stunning crystal filled with potent magic! This is your go-to crystal for crystal for any divination work as it enhances your psychic abilities and intution. Working with Labradorite will transform your life by connecting you with your higher self, the part of you that has transcended the ego. 

♡ Chakra: Third Eye and Crown

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether

♡ Numerology: 6

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo

♡ Stone of magic, protection and transformation

♡ Cleanses aura of negative energy, fears & insecurity

♡ Enhances intuition & psychic gifts

♡ Trust in yourself & work through suppressed memories

♡ Supports the brain, eyes and a healthy metabolism


Blue Chalcedony

This soothing and beautiful blue crystal is one of my personal favorites! Blue Chalcedony is my top recommendation for stress and anxiety relief. You literally will feel like you are floating on a cloud when holding it. I never travel anywhere without mine  

♡ Chakra: Throat and Third Eye

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether

♡ Numerology: 4

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer

♡ Brings balance, calmness and enhances intuition

♡ Enhances communication

♡ Provides support for your energy field

♡ Releases anxiety and stress

♡ Supports the physical throat and speaking

Blue Chalcedony

rose quartz

This beauty is the stone of universal love! Rose Quartz has a beautiful healing energy that heals the heart from anything! It can be used to attract all forms of love and opens your heart to love. Align your frequency with the vibration of love and watch your dream life unfold!

♡ Chakra: Heart

♡ Element: Air

♡ Numerology: 7

♡ Zodiac Sign: Taurus

♡ Stone of Universal Love

♡ Enhances compassion and gentle understanding

♡ Opens the heart to all forms of love & heals trauma

♡ Release of emotional barriers & patterns

♡ Supports the physical heart

Rose Quartz


Citrine has been known as the "Merchant's Stone" throughout history for its power to attract money. It attracts abundance, prosperity and positivity. Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation. It enhances your confidence, promotes happiness, generosity and positivity.

♡ Chakra:  Solar Plexus

♡ Element: Fire

♡ Numerology: 6

♡ Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius, Scorpio, Leo

♡ Merchant's Stone - attracts prosperity & abundance

♡ Enhances self-esteem, self-confidence & expression

♡ Increases creativity, clarity of thought, personal will

♡ Promotes happiness, generosity, positivity & warmth

♡ Supports the endocrine system and metabolism


orange calcite

Orange Calcite always brings a smile to my face! It reminds you to experience joy each day and rekindles a passion for life. Orange Calcite is a great stone to keep in the bedroom to enhance intimacy and pleasure. 

♡ Chakra: Sacral

♡ Element: Water

♡ Numerology: 5

♡ Zodiac Sign: Leo, Cancer

♡ Brings happiness and physical vitality

♡ Enhances creativity, confidence and energy

♡ Promotes playfulness and energy flow

♡ Release shyness & trauma with the sacral chakra

♡ Supports the digestive system and endocrine system

Orange Calcite


Carnelian is a spicy crystal that rekindles your passion in life! It connects you with your personal power and inspires you to overcome your fears. Carnelian is one of my top recommendations for fertility and things you are hoping to create. 

♡ Chakra: Root and Sacral

♡ Element: Water

♡ Numerology: 5

♡ Zodiac Sign: Leo, Virgo, Aries

♡ Enhances creativity and passion

♡ Helps overcome fears of taking action or wrong path

♡ Promotes courage and personal power

♡ Stimulates energy and physical vitality

♡ Supports the reproductive system, bones & ligaments


black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a must have protection crystal to safeguard your home. At my home, I keep Black Tourmaline at all exterior doors, corners of home and windows to create a safe container for the energy of my home. Black Tourmaline is also a must have during shamanic journey, healing work and divination.

♡ Chakra: Root

♡ Element: Earth

♡ Numerology: 4

♡ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Libra, Taurus

♡ Cleanses the auric field & regulates energy

♡ Provides grounding, protection and stress relief

♡ Transmutes and purifies negative energy

♡ Used in body work for healing and meditation

♡ Supports cleansing of pollutants & toxins

Black Tourmaline

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All my love and blessings,


Jamie Inglett is an intuitive healer, teacher, author, founder and CEO of Enchanting Earth; a gemstone jewelry and crystal shop. She is a crystal healing expert who has studied crystals and healing since her spiritual awakening in 2012 at a Quartz mine in Arkansas. Jamie has a master’s degree in business administration. She retired from her successful banking career to pursue her mission of spreading empowerment, love, and healing through crystals. Jamie loves to teach crystal healing live on her social media channels. Further your crystal knowledge and join the enchanting community on Instagram @enchantingearthco

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