Hollandite is a rare oxide mineral containing aluminum, barium, iron, lead, manganese, oxygen, silicon, and sodium. Hollandite was named after Thomas Henry Holland (1868-1947), geologist, educator and Director of the Geological Survey of India.

      Hollandite Quartz is an extremely rare formation of Quartz, most commonly originating from Brazil and Madagascar. Hollandite Quartz is formed when deposits of Hollandite become trapped in the Quartz as it's forming. During this process, Hollandite is subjected to extremely high temperatures, causing it to burst into the star-like formations! This is an extremely rare formation of Quartz.

      Hollandite Quartz is a powerful activator of your psychic abilities. Hollandite Quartz helps you connect with your higher self and discover your purpose. This rare form of Quartz is powerful for intention setting, shadow work and divination. Explore the inner depths of yourself and find inspiration through Hollandite Quartz. Hollandite Quartz reminds you that through difficult situations you are able to transform into the most vibrant, beautiful and authentic version of yourself. 

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