Blue Opal

Blue Opal


      Blue Opal comes from Peru near the Andes Mountains, the United States, Austrailia and Indonesia. Opals without the play-of-color are known as “common opals” but don't let the name fool you. Blue Opal is found in Oregon and Idaho in the Owyhee region and from Nevada near the Virgin Valley. Owyhee Blue Opal has a peaceful blue-sky color. Owyhee Blue Opal generally has a translucent to opaque appearance.

      Peruvian Opal (also known as Andean Opal) is a sedimentary rock formed at low temperatures from volcanic activity. It is primarily composed of oxygen, silicon and hydrogen. Peruvian Blue Opal is known for its stunning blue-green color caused by trace amounts of copper. Peruvian Blue Opal generally has a translucent to opaque appearance.

      Blue Opal is a soothing stone of expression, communication and intuition. Experience peace, alignment and improved communication when working with Blue Opal. Blue Opal has an incredible soothing and purifying energy that helps you find the confidence to speak your truth. Connect with wisdom and guidance from higher realms through Blue Opal. Blue Opal aligns the Throat Chakra to help us live in alignment with our authentic self. When balanced, the Throat Chakra helps us express our truth, creativity and individuality. Allow Blue Opal to help you embrace your individuality and share your unique gifts with the world!

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