Fire Opal

Fire Opal


      Fire Opals are formed in ancient volcanoes, when water seeps into silica-rich lava, filling its seams and cavities. Under extreme heat and pressure, the lava traps water within itself, forming enchanting, fiery Opals. Fire Opal is typically found in volcanic rocks, like rhyolite and basalt. It is also found in sedimentary rocks that have been altered by hydrothermal fluids. Fire Opals are colored by iron oxides which give this magical gem its fiery appearance.

      Precious Opals are the gem grade variety of Opals, known for their extraordinary opalescence or “play of colors” that shine like a rainbow! Black Opal, Boulder Opal Matrix Opal and White Opal are all Precious Opals. Fire Opals belong to this category when they display opalescence, otherwise, they are common opal. Opals are a mineraloid, an amorphous material without a crystalline structure. Opals are composed of tiny spheres of amorphous silica. These spheres are all the exact same size and arranged in a perfect, repeating pattern. In this perfect environment, they will diffract the passing light into its component colors. As the light exits the opal, it displays this incredibly beautiful rainbow-effect that opals are known for. Opal usually forms from low temperature deposition from groundwaters in cavities in sedimentary and igneous rocks.

      Fire Opal was prized by Mayan and Aztec peoples, calling it “Quetzalitzlipyollitli” or “the stone of the bird of paradise.” Mexico has been the world's primary source of Fire Opal for over 100 years. Ethiopia also is a significant source of Fire Opal. Its also found in smaller amounts in Australia, Brazil, Honduras, Guatemala and the United States.

      Legends state that Fire Opals bring creativity, confidence, energy, and joy. Fire Opals have a deeply protective energy that creates a shield of protection around the aura. Through its fiery origin, Fire Opal ignites your passion and creativity from within, allowing your inner beauty to shine. Fire Opals help you embrace the magic of your individuality and become empowered to share your gifts with the world. Create magic in your life and connect to the elements of water and fire with Fire Opal, from which this enchanting gem is formed. Fire Opals are an incredible gem to enhance your relationships, inspiring more fun, pleasure and passion.