Wands are powerful and magical healing tools, dating back 9,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria. Ancient Egyptians often depicted their gods, priests and pharaohs holding a staff or rod of power. Thoth, the Egyptian God of magic, knoweldge & writing, was often depicted holding a wand or staff. 

      In Greek mythology Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, carried a special wand that symbolized rebirth, power and peace. Ancient Greek poet, Homer, wrote in the Iliaddescribing a rod (aka magic wand), the tool used by the god Hermes to put people to sleep and then wake them up again. In The Odyssey, Homer describes the goddess Athena using her magic wand to turn Odysseus into an old man and made him young again with the wave of her wand.

      In Celtic mythology, the triple Goddesses are often seen or depicted with wands.

      All across the globe in various cultures, wands have been used in ceremony and in healing work for thousands of years. Wands are a slender object, made of wood, stone or metal.

      Wands can be naturally terminated single crystals, carved or artisan crafted. Wands are powerful magical tools that inspire you to create magic and healing. 

      Carved or Natural: Natural or Carved

      Energy: Direct, send or remove energy


      • Activate a crystal grid

      • Altar decor

      • Channeling

      • Charge crystals with intention

      • Circle opening/closing

      • Cord cutting ritual 

      • Divination

      • Healing work

      • Magical spells 

      • Meditation

      • Portal opening/closing

      • Reiki

      • Release stuck energy