Ametrine is a bicolor quartz with color zones of golden Citrine and deep purple Amethyst in contact with one another on a single crystal. Ametrine is a gentle and power activator of the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras. It is a beautiful mix of Amethyst and Citrine, including both physical and metaphysical properties. It brings an uplifting and purifying energy to the aura. As it is a Quartz mineral, it has a MOHs hardness of 7, makes it perfect for daily wear in jewelry.

      Ametrine creates a beautiful harmony between the mind and spirit. This is a power crystal for creatives to work with! It helps you focus your mind on the task at hand, while allowing your creative side to flourish.

      When used to set intentions for manifesting, Ametrine is extremely powerful due to its unique ability to enhance our creative gifts for visually manifesting our goals. Ametrine inspires us to break away from self-limiting beliefs holding us back from connecting with our Higher Self. Meditate with Ametrine to fid the confidence to advance on your spiritual journey.

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