Moldavite is a fascinating stone of extraterrestrial origins, transformation, spiritual evolution and protection. Moldavite is the result of a meteor collision with Earth over 15 million years ago near the Bohemian plateau of the Czech Republic. It is also called Bouteille Stone or Vltavin. Moldavite is a rare and highly sought after tektite, a form of natural glass formed from the intense heat and pressure of Meteorite impact melting the surrounding soil and rock. The molten glass is flung into the air then cools as it falls back to the ground. Tektites are amorphous, meaning they do not have an internal crystal structure. Moldavite is composed of silicon dioxide, aluminum oxide, and other metal oxides.

      Moldavites are one of the most rare stones on Earth and are only found in the Czech Republic. Moldavite is the only green tektite, known for its unusual green color, unique texture and high vibrational energy. Moldavite is named after the previous German name of the Moldau river in the Czech Republic, where the material was first found in 1787. Czechs call Moldavite “Vltavin” after the Czech name for the river “Vltava”. 

      Moldavites were discovered by prehistoric people in the Czech Republic and Austria and were used to construct tools. Over 25,000 years ago, the ancient Neolithic people of eastern Europe wore and crafted Moldavite in spiritual talismans, jewelry and amulets for good fortune and fertility. Moldavite pieces have been discovered in cave dwellings from the stone age. Also, Moldavite pieces were discovered around a small limestone carving of a naked woman from the stone age in Willendorf, Austria in 1908. This statue would later be named the "Venus of Willendorf". In the Czech republic, Moldavite is a common wedding gift as it is believed to bring harmony to relationships.

      Moldavite has been associated with the Holy Grail in Arthurian legend. The Holy Grail is believed to be the cup from which Jesus Christ drank at the Last Supper. According to legend, when Lucifer fell from heaven, Archangel Michael swung his sword at Lucifer's crown knocking out an Emerald that fell down to the Earth. The Emerald was symbolic of the fall of humanity and the key to redemption. It's believed this stone was carved into a chalice and served at the Last Supper. In ancient times, all green stones were called Emeralds. Modern interpretation of history and legend has led many to believe that stone may actually be Moldavite, because it actually fell from the sky.

      Moldavite is highly vibrational and is known as the stone of transformation. It is our favorite for manifesting postive changes. Even those who are not sensitive to energy, may feel the energy from Moldavite. This can be experienced as a rushing sensation up through body, heat, or pulsing known as a “Moldavite flush”. It is a powerful Chakra opener. Moldavite helps you attune to higher frequencies and receive downloads from higher levels of consciousness. You can also use Moldavite to activate the dream state, enhance lucid dreaming, divination and manifestation.

      Moldavite is a stone that's very near and dear to my heart. It was the first crystal I experienced an out of body experience with and will never forget it. In November 2019, two weeks after getting my first Moldavite, I found myself feeling called to share my love of crystals, healing and spirituality with the world. I began posting on Instagram and in just a few weeks, a community was forming. Today, our community has over 215,000 members across our social platforms and grows every day. Moldavite helped me align with my soul's path and find my destiny.

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