Polish Flint

Polish Flint


      Striped Flint (also known as Banded Flint, Polish Flint, Polish Diamond or “Stone of Optimism”) originates from only one location in the world! It's found in Poland, near the town of Sandomierz, on the Vistula River. These deposits are from the Upper Jurassic Age and are believed to be approximately 160 million years old. Flint is a sedimentary rock consisting of microscopic crystals (cryptocrystalline) of the mineral quartz. Striped Flint is believed to have formed by precipitation of silica directly from seawater and is found as concretions within limestone deposits.

      The use of Striped Flint dates back to the Neolithic Age (later part of the Stone Age). During the Neolithic Age, Flint was used to craft axes used for farming, hunting, starting fires, building material, protection, and rituals. These talismans were buried with their owners during this time period. Striped Flint was also used in Ancient Greece for protection. Striped Flint would be placed by the bedside to prevent nightmares and for protection against negative energy and intentions. It was also used in healing elixirs for the skin.

      Today, Striped Flint is often made into jewelry due to its rarity and distinctive patterns! You can find Striped Flint in museums, art galleries, and even the Vatican. It has been adored and worn by royalty throughout history and we are so excited to have created custom jewelry with these gorgeous stones Ricky and I got to hand pick from the Tuscon Gem Show!!

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