Amber is fossilized tree resin which has been prized for its enchanting appearance and healing powers since Neolithic times. Resin is the sticky substance that drips from trees when they are wounded, serving as a protective agent against pests and bacteria. Various materials such as insects, plant debris, and air bubbles can get trapped within the sticky resin over time. Amber is formed when tree resin is exposed to heat, pressure and over time it hardens and fossilizes. This fossilization process happens over millions of years. Amber is primarily composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and sulfur. The oldest Amber discovered dates to the Upper Carboniferous period (320 million years ago). The earliest discovered use of Amber are beads from Gough’s cave in southern England, dated 11,000–9,000 BC. Amber's enchanting glow like sun led the ancients to find it held protective and healing powers. Throughout history, Amber is frequently used in jewelry, amulets, carvings and decorative art.

      Amber is found in various countries accross the globe. Baltic Amber (Eocene) is the most famous and commercially valuable Amber originating from the Baltic region (Northern Europe). The majority of Baltic amber is dated to the Eocene epoch, which spanned from about 56 to 33.9 million years ago. Dominican Amber (Miocene to Pleistocene) originating from the Dominican Republic and neighboring areas, this Amber ranges in age from the Miocene (about 23 to 5.3 million years ago) to the Pleistocene (about 2.6 million to 11,700 years ago). Mexican Amber (Miocene) is primarily from the mid-Miocene period, around 15 to 23 million years ago and is found in regions like Chiapas. Indoensian Amber originates from the Sumatra and Borneo islands and is estimated to be about 23 million years old. 

      Amber has an incredible regenerative, healing energy that helps to relieve pain,heal and detoxify the body and energy fields. A powerful stone of protection, Amber resonates with light energy and repels dark entities, negative energy and malicious intentions. Become inspired to share joy and healing with the world through your authentic self-expression. Heal karma from your past lives and listen to the wisdom of ancestors through meditation with Amber.

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