Diamond is one of the world’s oldest, most sought-after and adored gemstones; estimated to be between 800 million and 3 billion years old. It's both the traditional and modern April birthstone and the 10th anniversary stone. Diamond is named after the Greek word "adamas" which means “invincible” or “unbreakable.” Diamonds form deep within the earth's mantle 100 miles below the Earth's surface and reach the surface through violent volcanic eruptions or through the movement of tectonic plates. Some diamonds are thought to form in the high temperature/pressure conditions of asteroid impact sites and some are delivered to Earth in meteorites.

      Composed of only Carbon, this enchanting gem's internal fire sparkles and shines like no other gem in the mineral kingdom. Each carbon atom in a Diamond is surrounded by four other carbon atoms and connected to each of them by covalent bonds; the strongest type of chemical bond. This simple, uniform, tightly-bonded arrangement makes Diamond one of the most durable and versatile substances known. 

      Diamonds are chemically resistant and have the highest thermal conductivity of any natural material. They have the highest non-metallic luster, known as "adamantine." Diamond's high luster gives them the ability to reflect a high percentage of the light that strikes their surface; this is also known as their sparkle. When a Diamond is cut into a gem, the facet angles are planned to reflect a maximum amount of light from its internal surfaces. Diamond also has a high dispersion, which gives this enchanting gem its "fire". As white light passes through a Diamond, dispersion causes that light to separate into its component colors. Dispersion is what enables a prism to separate white light into the colors of the spectrum.

      Diamonds are graded by the 4 C's: color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Diamonds with a saturated, vivid color are called "fancy color diamonds" or "fancies". On average, only one in 10,000 Diamonds has color that earns the "fancy" title. Fancy color diamonds extremely rare and valuable; selling at auctions for over one million dollars per carat.

      Many ancient civilizations believed that Diamonds were created when lightning struck Earth. In ancient India, Diamonds were easily gathered from the country’s rivers and streams. An anonymous second-century poet described that Diamonds warded off the evil eye, a malevolent look believed to cause sickness, poverty and even death. Diamonds were traded as early as the fourth century BCE and were popular among royalty and the wealthy. Caravans brought Indian diamonds, along with other exotic merchandise, to medieval markets in Venice. By the 1400s, Diamonds were popular in jewelry and accessories among Europe’s elite. The first diamond engagement ring of record was in 1477 from Archduke Maximillian of Austria given to his fiancé, Mary of Burgundy.

      For thousands of years, Diamonds have been believed to hold great healing powers. Old legends say Diamonds could cure brain disease, alleviate pituitary gland disorders, and draw toxins out from the blood. Diamonds are powerful stones to help you advance on your spiritual journey. Working with a Diamond, will transform you into the most authentic, fearless and powerful version of yourself. Diamonds help you align with your purpose and step into your true power. They hold a pure energy that does not need cleansing and will amplify energy/intentions. Diamonds hold a high vibration that helps you manifest by raising your vibration to a higher frequency.

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