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Crystal Wand Guide: Unlock the Magic & Manifest your Dreams

Wands are powerful and magical healing tools, dating back 9,000 years ago in ancient Sumeria. Ancient Egyptians often depicted their gods, priests and pharaohs holding a staff or rod of power. Thoth, the Egyptian God of magic, knoweldge & writing, was often depicted holding a wand or staff. 

In Greek mythology Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods, carried a special wand that symbolized rebirth, power and peace. Ancient Greek poet, Homer, wrote in the Iliad describing a rod (aka magic wand), the tool used by the god Hermes to put people to sleep and then wake them up again. In The Odyssey, Homer describes the goddess Athena using her magic wand to turn Odysseus into an old man and made him young again with the wave of her wand.

In Celtic mythology, the triple Goddesses are often seen or depicted with wands.

All across the globe in various cultures, wands have been used in ceremony and in healing work for thousands of years. Wands are a slender object, made of wood, stone or metal.

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Metaphysical Uses

♡ Activate a crystal grid

♡ Altar decor/feng shui

♡ Channeling

♡ Charge crystals with intention

♡ Circle opening/closing

♡ Cord cutting rituals

♡ Decorate your altar

♡ Divination

♡ Healing work

♡ Magical spells

♡ Meditation

♡ Portal opening/closing

♡ Reiki

♡ Release stuck energy

How to Activate your wand

1. Cleanse your wand

Crystals can store energy so it's important to cleanse a new wand when you bring it home. You can do this by placing your wand on a piece of Selenite, using smoke from herbs/incense, or using the full moon. To learn more on energy cleansing, read my blog post on energetic cleansing by clicking here .

2. Connect with your wand and experience its powerful energy

Begin by devoting 15 minutes each day for a week with your new wand. You will want to do this in a quiet space where you will be free from distractions and interruptions. I recommend creating a sacred space for your spiritual journey. You will close your eyes and allow yourself to connect with the energy of the crystal. Pay attention to signals from your body such as a soft pull or vibrating sensation. Take note of any emotions or thoughts that may arise. I very strongly encourage you to begin journaling about your journey. Record your experience after each session.

3. Determine your wand's purpose

Now that you have spent time connecting with your new wand you are almost ready to use it! If you are building a wand collection to incorporate different wands in your practice, you will need to determine the purpose for this new wand. If you only have one wand currently, you will be using this wand for all rituals, ceremonies, healing and practices you desire. If you practice healing work on others, it will be important to cleanse your wand before and after a client.

4. Set an intention

Intention setting is a practice of connecting with a particular crystal for a desired outcome. This practice is also sometimes referred to as “charging”, “dedicating a crystal” or “programming a crystal”. Set a specific intention with the crystal by speaking your intention for the crystal out loud or write it on a piece of paper. Visualize the crystal filling with pure light healing energy and this light shining your intentions out into the world in all directions. Give thanks or gratitude your connection with the crystal and its energy.  

5. Manifest magic

The more often you work with your wand, the deeper your connection with it will be. Regular practice with your wand will enhance your healing work and manifesting rituals. 

You can store your wand on your altar or intentionally throughout the home to enhance the flow of chi (life force energy). 

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