Lemurian Quartz

Lemurian Quartz


      Lemurian Quartz, also known as teaching stone and shaman’s stone. Lemurian Quartz is gateway to connect with universal consciousness and rejuvenate your life force energy. Uplift your vibration to promote love, unity and equality with the ancient wisdom of Lemurian Quartz. Lemurian Quartz contains the knowledge of the ancient civilization of Lemuria. This ancient civilization was a matriarchal culture and spiritually advanced, with connections to the cosmos. 

      Lemurian Quartz Laser Light Wands are said to summon their owners. Each line on Lemurian Quartz contains a secret message of wisdom and healing for you to unlock. You can use these healing tools to heal and manifest with the wisdom and magic of Lemuria. Lemurian Quartz Light Wands activate the Crown Chakra and “Mouth of God” energy point located at the back of the skull. The “Mouth of God” energy point is believed to be the energy point for prana life force energy in Kriya yoga and has a connection to Christ Consciousness. Lemurian Quartz Laser Light Wands help you channel light healing energy, clear negative energy and create protective boundaries.

      Connect with ancient knowledge and discover the wisdom of past lives through meditation with Lemurian Quartz. Lemurian Quartz is incredible for meditation because of their powerful ability to relieve stress and deepen meditation. Lemurian Quartz enhances channeling and healing abilities by connecting you with ancient wisdom.

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