Are your crystals ethically sourced?  Yes!  Sourcing ethically is extremely important to us so we are very careful in selecting vendors to partner with.  We try to work directly with mines and small businesses so we have a better understanding of how the crystals are mined and/or polished.  We review a number of factors and do not only rely on their word.  We decline to carry crystals that we cannot source ethically.

Are your crystals natural?  Yes!  We do not carry man-made stones.  If we choose to carry a crystal that has been heated or enhanced with dye, we always notate this on the product page.  We understand a majority of our customers are purchasing crystals for spiritual purposes so it is very important to us to provide natural crystals and disclose when the state of a crystal has been altered.

Do you offer wholesale?  Not at this time.  If you are a crystal shop with an EIN and tax resale certificate, you may email us to be on a list for when we have wholesale availability.  

Do you purchase private collections?  No.  We source directly from our trusted vendors.

Where are you located?  Our retail store is located in Topeka, Kansas and we ship worldwide.

Where do you purchase your crystals?  We source crystals from all over the world!  We prefer to hand select crystals in person at trade shows, however, we have built relationships with vendors all over the world so we can bring new crystals to you every week.  Please do not ask for our list of trusted vendors as it is proprietary information and will not be shared.  Lots of time, research and financial investment has been used to curate our collection of ethically sourced crystals.

What are your favorite books on crystals?  By far the Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ashian is my favorite!  A few others include anything by Judy Hall, Crystal Basics by Nicholas Pearson, Crystals for Energy Healing by Ashley Leavy and Crystal Lore Legends and Myths by Athena Perrakis.  


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