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Vogel Crystal Meaning and Healing Properties

Vogel crystals are extremely powerful healing tools, mindfully crafted to the specifications of Marcel Vogel’s (1917-1991) research. Vogel crystals are world renowned among crystal healers for their exceptional ability to channel energy, enhance healing work and meditation.

Vogel was a research scientist at IBM for 27 years, awarded over 30 patents for his inventions. He developed the magnetic coating for IBM's disc drive and created the first liquid crystal displays, or LCDs. Vogel’s groundbreaking research on luminescence and liquid crystal technology led him to experiment with cutting quartz crystals to amplify their ability to transmit Universal Life Force energy. He found that quartz crystals can store, amplify, and transfer information and that crystals can be altered during the growth stage.

Vogel experienced lucid dreams where he was shown the Kabbalah Tree of Life and told the tool needed to be carved with a specific number of facets from optically clear quartz.

Vogel wands are cut to match the frequency of water molecules and resonate with the liquid found in physical structure of your body’s cells. This allows crystalline vibrations to transmit and amplify energy at optimal levels, enhancing one’s life force energy. Vogel believed in the power of intention, only cutting crystals with love, pure and positive intentions.

According to Vogel’s specifications, a crystal can only be considered a Vogel if:

  • The crystal is made from natural quartz.
  • The crystal has four or more side facets.
  • The receptive end (female) of the crystal is faceted to form an internal angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds. (The same angle as the angle of the sides of the Great Pyramid at Giza.)
  • The transmitting end (male) of the crystal must be faceted with an angle smaller than the receptive end.
  • The crystal has to be aligned with the C axis of the original quartz (the line of symmetry within the crystal perpendicular to all other axes) in the shape of the Kabalistic Tree of Life, resonating to the same frequency as water.

Vogel believed the real origin of illness is found in the Etheric body. The Etheric Body can hold the memory of physical or emotional injury and may become stagnant, distorted or stuck, resulting in illness. Vogels grant immediate access to the etheric body, stabilizing it and allowing light healing energy to enter from the higher realms.

Enchanting Quartz Vogel
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Metaphysical properties

♡Amplify or direct energy to a specific point

♡ Chakra balancing

♡ Channel healing energy

♡ Connect with higher levels of consciousness
♡ Enhance meditation
♡ Extract and release stagnant energy from the auric field and physical body
♡ Supports physical, emotional and spiritual healing

how to use a Vogel crystal

When working with a Vogel crystal, you will direct energy from the larger receptive end (the feminine side) and the Vogel crystal amplify it and transmit it down into the smaller focal end (the masculine side).

Vogels can be used for any healing or manifesting intention. They can be used to remove energy from the auric field. Vogels are one of the most powerful crystal to use when activating a crystal grid.


  • Activate a crystal grid
  • Channeling
  • Charge crystals with intention
  • Circle opening/closing
  • Divination
  • Healing work & reiki
  • Meditation
  • Release stuck energy







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