Sphene (Titanite)


      Sphene is an enchanting gem with rich color, strong trichroism, and fire that rivals diamonds. It's a rare calcium titanium nesosilicate mineral with frequent inclusions of rare earth metals like cerium, niobium, and yttrium. Sphene can contain other elements such as aluminum, chromium, fluorine, iron, magnesium, manganese, sodium, and zirconium. Inclusions of iron will darken sphene from a yellow/green to a gray/black.

      Sphene is also known as Titanite, which is the name used by mineralogists to describe specimens. Sphene is the name commonly used to describe faceted Titanite gems in the jewelry industry. Sphene is named from the Greek word "sphenos" meaning "wedge" in reference to its typical wedge-shaped crystal growth exhibited by this mineral.

      Sphene is a powerful stone of expansion that enhances and accelerates learning. Expand your horizons with Sphene as it will bring you the mental clarity, focus and drive to achieve your goals. Sphene helps you retain information and improves memorization as you are leaning new things. Its uplifting vibration enhances your life force energy and overall health. Sphene inspires hope and positivity with its enchanting fire glow that ignites the fire within you. 

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