Conch Shell

Conch Shell


      Conch Shell is an ancient symbol of joy, fertility, and protection. Conch Shell is the common name for a number of different medium-large-sized sea shells with a large spire (the coiled part of the shell). In North America, Conch Shells are often called “Queen Conch” which are native to the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. The name “conch” is derived from the Latin word “concha” meaning shell fish or mussel. Pearls from Conch Shells are extremely rare and are referred to as “pink pearls”.

      Conch Shells are illustrate the sacred geometry of the Fibonacci sequence in nature. For thousands of years, Conch Shell has been used in jewelry, rituals and spiritual practices around the world. Shells were sacred to our ancient ancestors, who believed the shell represented infinity and connection to the divine source. In Hinduism, the sound heard the conch is associated with the sacred syllable 'Om' which is believed to be the first sound of creation that manifested our physical world. In Ayurveda, Conch Shells are used as chalices for healing elixirs and are also crushed into power form for healing of digestive ailments. Conch Shells are also used to hold holy water in Buddhist and Hindu traditions and other cultures around the world. Conch Shells have also been used as “war trumpets” and musical instruments for ceremony across the world in various cultures and traditions. In rituals and religious ceremonies, the Conch Shell is blown into to purify the environment from negative energy and promote good luck.

      Conch Shells have been used for good luck, healing and protection since ancient times. Conch Shells hold the healing vibration of the water element and help us connect with the divine, universe or source energy. Conch Shells hold a soothing vibration that calm emotions and purifies your body's energy fields. Conch Shells help us attune to the vibration of creation, allowing us to manifest our desires.

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