Fluorite is a common but important mineral composed of calcium and fluorine, belonging to the Halide group of minerals. Fluorite crystals formed around 150-200 million years ago after hot water containing Fluorine and other minerals flowed through cracks in the earth, interacting with the calcium-rich limestone bedrock. Fluorite generally occurs in well-formed isometric crystals, forming cubes and octahedrons. The color of fluorite varies due to different chemical impurities, exposure to radiation or void in the color centers. Pink is the most rare color of Fluorite.  

      It was named in 1797 by Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione from the Latin word “fluere” meaning “to flow”. In 1856, George Gabriel Stokes observed Fluorite's ability to glow under ultraviolet light, naming this phenomenon "fluorescence" after Fluorite. Very rarely, Fluorite will display a natural color change effect, showing blue under natural daylight and changing to purple under incandescent lighting. Its found all over the world with high quality material deposits in Canada, China, Colombia, Peru, Switzerland, Argentina, the UK and the USA.

      Fluorite has been adored and used throughout history for its beauty, industrial and healing purposes. It was first used by Egyptians to carve scarabs for ornamental carvings and jewelry. Fluorite was also used in ancient Chinese glassmaking during the 10th to 12th centuries. Fluorite was originally used as a flux to help remove impurities while smelting metals like iron and aluminum. Its also used in products ranging from optical lenses to fluoride toothpaste (derived from Fluorite). 

      Fluorite is an enchanting gem of focus, clarity and wisdom. It has a soothing but focused energy that clears away stuck energy not in alignment with yours. Fluorite helps strengthen the mind, enhances learning, memory and focus your attention. If you are feeling stuck or unsure of what to do, Fluorite connects you with your higher self and spirit guides for direction on your path. Fluorite will help you discover your purpose, heal and create a life you love. It brings new opportunities like careers or businesses and gives you energetic support during life transitions. Each color of Fluorite will correspond with the Chakra system for healing.

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