Gem Silica


      Gem Silica, also known as "Chrysocolla Chalcedony", is a beautiful stone found in Arizona, New Mexico, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, and the Philippines. Gem Silica is the most expensive variety of the Chalcedony family with high quality gemstones selling for over $100 per carat. Because of its beauty and hardness, Gem Silica is a perfect gem to be set in jewelry for daily wear. Gem Silica comes in a wide range of colors due to varying amounts of Chrysocolla and Copper inclusions in the stone.

      Gem Silica has a strong resonance with the Divine Feminine and is very supportive for progression on your spiritual journey. I recommend Gem Silica to anyone who has experienced spiritual traumas- whether that be from visions or from suppressing your spiritual beliefs or abilities. Gem Silica raises our spiritual awareness and connection with spirit guides. If you have been finding blockages in your meditation journey, try meditating with Gem Silica in nature for a deeper connection.

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