Crystal Shapes Meaning & Healing Properties

Crystal Shapes Meaning & Healing Properties

One of my favorite ways to create magic is to use a specific crystal shape or attribute that corresponds with your intention. Let’s say you feel very ungrounded and want to help bring your body into balance. You will find working with a cube, sphere or harmonizer shape will enhance your healing work, help you feel grounded and safe; particularly when paired with a Root Chakra stone.


Selecting your crystal’s shape with intention will enhance your healing work or manifestation. Naturally double terminated points are amazing healing tools because they allow you to send and receive energy. These are perfect for extracting emotions, illness, and stuck energy. Some of these will occur naturally, while others will be a carved shape. Naturally double terminated crystals are far less common than single points or carved double terminated crystals so you will want to use what you have access to within your budget. My personal belief is that natural (raw, unpolished) crystals contain stronger energy than polished crystals. I do still love and use polished crystals in my healing practice but if I had to pick between a naturally double terminated Quartz point and a carved one to do my healing work, I would choose the natural crystal 100% of the time over the carved one. If this belief doesn’t resonate with you, please trust what your intuition is guiding you to.


Sometimes your intuition will lead you to work with a specific crystal or shape that may not be a traditional use or energy for a particular crystal but that's perfectly fine. Deepen your connection with your Higher Self by listening to your intuition and do what you feel is right. Your intuition and helping spirits are guiding you in the right direction.

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Animal carvings represent the spirit of the animal and invoke their wisdom & protection


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Embodies energy of animal guide


  • Connect with animal spirit guides during meditation

  • Crystal grids or body healing layouts to call on animal guides for healing

  • Invoke the energy of the animal for guidance and wisdom

  • Protection for your space from animal spirit guides

  • Shamanic journey


Crystal bowls can be placed in the home to radiate gentle healing energy to their contents and surroundings. You can create beautiful visual displays with your crystal bowls to make your home magical and attract positive vibes.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Radiates energy outward providing energy to its contents.


  • Amplify energy of their contents

  • Create an intention bowl with crystals, herbs, flowers, plants, and other items to amplify your intentions (written intentions, photos, mementos or salt)

  • Selenite bowls are one of my top recommendations to use for cleansing energy and storing your crystals or jewelry

  • Quartz singing bowls are beloved by many healers to help clients or oneself attune to a new frequency to promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing

  • Store jewelry


Cubes are a sacred geometric shape and belong to the platonic solid, called the hexahedron. Cubes honor and embody the energy of the four directions. Using a crystal cube in your practice will help you create a stable foundation for manifesting your dream life.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Grounding


  • Connect with Mother Earth

  • Healing for the Root Chakra

  • Hold during meditation or healing work to keep the body grounded


Deity carvings are sacred pieces to bring into your collection to honor with respect and love. Deity carvings are crystalline embodiments of a deity's energy. A complimentary stone is selected to match the deity's energy for enhanced power and connection. Skilled artisans hand carve the deity with love and reverance. 

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Embodies energy of sacred diety


  • Connect with deity for healing and guidance in divination, meditation or prayer

  • Daily reminder to connect with your spirituality

  • Invoke their power in ritual

  • Provides peace and Divine protection for your space


Eggs bring a gentle healing energy that promotes empowerment, fertility and new beginnings. Eggs symbolize feminine energy and the sacred power to create a new life. 

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Fertility, balance, new beginnings


  • Body layout for healing ailments in the reproductive system

  • Crystal grid for creating a new beginning

  • Place in the bedroom for enhancing sexual connection, passion and/or promoting pregnancy

  • Yoni eggs can be placed in the vagina for vaginal health, increasing libido, and pleasure


Flames help awaken and harness energy from the lower Chakras. Flames are associated with the fire element and help you find strength and power. They bring a transformative energy that is both energizing and empowering. Flames have an enlightening energy that helps you channel energy to the Earth from higher realms.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Transformation, awakening


  • Create an energy vortex in your space for enhanced healing work and protection

  • Hold during meditation to awaken your inner fire and for grounding

  • Place anywhere in your space to boost and enhance the flow of energy

Free Form

Free Forms have a gentle healing energy that creates a soothing and harmonious space. 

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Soothing, gentle energy


  • Hold during meditation or healing work to align with the crystal's healing energy

  • Place throughout your home to fill with positive energy


Harmonizers, also known as rods or cylinders, are the most effective way to balance the body during meditation. They are specifically made to fit perfectly in your hand to restore balance and harmony to your body during meditation.


The use of these magical tools date back to Ancient Egypt. Rods were used by Priests and Pharaohs. Rods, also known as harmonizers, enhance the flow of energy through the body for healing. Egyptians used metals like copper and zinc with filling of different materials like quartz.


By holding these pillars of energy, you create a vortex of energy that brings a powerful shift in your body to restore your energy to a harmonious flow. The more you meditate with harmonizers, you will find your body maintains its alignment, feel more grounded and notice improvements in your health and mood.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Balanced and harmonious


  • Create positive energy in your space
  • Hold during meditation or yoga
  • Purify energy in your space


Hearts help us activate, connect with and heal the Heart Chakra. The heart shape embodies the energy of universal love, peace and harmony. Hearts inspire you to spread unconditional love to the world through compassion, forgiveness and joy. Working with a heart shaped crystal will naturally attract more love and positive relationships into your life.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Love, kindness, peace


  • Create a crystal grid to attract new relationships

  • Hold during meditation to connect with Divine Love

  • Keep in your bedroom to promote harmony and romance in your relationship

  • Place on the Heart Chakra for healing


The Merkaba is a sacred geometric shape symbolizing connection with spirit and higher realms. The merkaba shape helps you connect with the archangel Metatron, other angels and beings of light.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: High vibrational, higher consciousness, balancing


  • Create a crystal grid or body healing layout in the shape of a merkaba to enhance your intention

  • Hold during meditation to channel healing energy and guidance from higher realms

  • Place on the body for healing

Palm Stones

Palm Stones are made to fit in the palm of your hand to hold. Palm stones have a calming energy that helps naturally relieve stress. Palm stones are great for any level of experience with crystals and are versatile healing treasures.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Grounding, stress relief, gentle energy


  • Can be used as a “fidget” tool to relieve stress. Rub your fingers over its smooth shape

  • Hold during meditation to keep you grounded and connect with the healing energy of your crystal

  • Keep in your pocket for healing and stress relief on the go

  • Place on the body for healing


A pendulum, or dowser, is a carved crystal (can also be made of wood, glass or metal) attached to a chain. When held by the chain in a stationary position, the pendulum will swing back and forth or rotate in a circular motion. A pendulum can help you decide between crystals to work with. You can connect with your Higher Self, Spirit Guides or Angels through working with a pendulum.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Sensing energy, divination


  • Divination to receive guidance on yes/no answers

  • Find something lost

  • Find energetic imbalances in the body


Crystal points can be naturally formed in the Earth or carved into the shape of a point. Points amplify intentions to help you create the life you want to live. 

Carved or Natural: Carved or Natural

Energy: Directs & amplifies energy to a specific intention


  • Activate a crystal grid

  • Amplify energy of other crystals

  • Create energy based on intention

  • Direct the flow of energy

  • Place in the center of a crystal grid to amplify your intentions out into the Universe

  • Place intentionally throughout your space to attract chi (life force energy)


Pyramids are sacred geometric shapes that have been used throughout the world in ancient civilizations like the Pyramids of Egypt  and the temples of the Mayas & Incas. The pyramid shape is a tetrahedron in sacred geometry. Pyramids create a strong and stable foundation for manifesting your desires from projecting your intentions here on earth up to higher realms. Pyramids symbolize our journey from earth into higher levels of consciousness.

Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Manifesting, focused & amplifies energy, grounding


  • Amplify energy and intentions of a space

  • Hold during meditation to access higher levels of consciousness

  • Place in the middle of a crystal grid to amplify your intention out into the Universe

Raw or Specimen

Raw crystals or specimens are naturally formed crystals without any alterations. The energy of raw crystals is the strongest vibration of all shapes because they are in their natural state from the Earth.

Carved or Natural: Natural

Energy: Emits a stronger energy than polished crystals, energy is amplified from its points


  • Hold during meditation for amplified energy and enhancing your meditation

  • Place throughout your space by intention to enhance energy

  • Unique way to display jewelry


The Shiva shape represents “Brahmanda” meaning“cosmic egg”, which is symbollic of the creation of both divine male and female energies. Shivas are named after the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva, known as the cosmic dancer who was said to have dance the universe into existence.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Empowerment, masculine, expression, knowledge, divinity, protection


  • Balance yin/yang energy

  • Deepens meditative state

  • Helps you connect with the Divine Masculine  for guidance and healing

  • Manifest your desired reality in a visualization meditation


Skulls represent wisdom and help us connect with our ancestors. Crystal skulls can store information, as you work with one, your wisdom will be carried on. Crystal skulls give us insight into the past so we can create a better future for the world. 


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: High vibration, stores information, connection to ancestors, transformation


  • Connect with ancestors and lineage healing

  • Enhances channeling work & psychic abilities

  • Physical, energetic or spiritual protection for your space and aura


Spheres are symbols of creation, equality, unity and wholeness of life. The sphere shape is a powerful healer because of its ability to generate energy evenly in all directions. The perfect shape of the sphere creates a balanced & harmonious environment and is a powerful tool for manifesting.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Sends healing energy evenly in all directions


  • Balance the energy of your space

  • Clear Quartz and Black Obsidian make create divination tools when carved into a sphere shape

  • Enhances meditation withs its balancing and calming energies

  • Hold during visualization meditation to manifest your desires

  • Place in crystal grids to amplify energy and send it in all directions

  • Spheres can be used to massage the body and even as a “fidgit” tool


Tumbles are small pieces of convenient magic you can carry in your pocket. Tumbles are a great starting point for beginners due to their lower-price point and make great healing and manifesting partners for all levels of crystal healers or practitioners. 


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Soothing energy


  • Can be used for divination

  • Carry in your pocket for good vibes, protection and healing

  • Place on crystal grids to enhance your intention

  • Put on the body during meditation for healing or guidance


Vogel crystals are named after Marcel Vogel (1917-1991), a chemist who worked as a researcher at IBM for 30 years. During his research he became enchanted with crystals known for his research on double-terminated quartz crystals. He experienced a lucid dream where he was shown the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Vogel created a specific crystal carving inspired by the Tree of Life to store, amplify, convert, and cohere subtle energies. Vogels are extremely powerful healing tools because they were scientifically perfected to a precise shape to amplify and transmit energy to where it was directed at.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Amplifies and transmits energy


  • Activate a crystal grid

  • Amplify energy and intentions to a specific location or person

  • Channel healing energy from higher realms

  • Open magic circles and portals

  • Remove stuck energy from the body

  • Send and receive healing energy


Wands can be naturally terminated single crystals, carved or artisan crafted. Wands are powerful magical tools that inspire you to create magic and heal your inner child. 


Carved or Natural: Natural or Carved

Energy: Direct, send or remove energy


  • Activate a crystal grid

  • Channel healing energy from higher realms

  • Open magic circles and portals

  • Remove stuck energy from the body

  • Send and receive healing energy

Worry Stone

A worry stone is a small palm stone with an indent for your thumb to rub in situations to  refocus your attention and relieve stress.


Carved or Natural: Carved

Energy: Gentle and balanced


  • Hold during meditation to keep you grounded and connect with the healing energy of your crystal

  • Keep in your pocket for healing and stress relief on the go

  • Place on the body for healing

Jamie Inglett

Jamie Inglett is an intuitive healer, teacher, author, founder and CEO of Enchanting Earth; a gemstone jewelry and crystal shop. She is a crystal healing expert who has studied crystals and healing since her spiritual awakening in 2012 at a Quartz mine in Arkansas. Jamie has a master’s degree in business administration. She retired from her successful banking career to pursue her mission of spreading empowerment, love, and healing through crystals. Jamie loves to teach crystal healing live on her social media channels. Further your crystal knowledge and join the enchanting community on Instagram @enchantingearthco

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