Blue Tourmaline

Blue Tourmaline


      Blue Tourmaline, also known as Indicolite, is the rarest color variety of the mineral Tourmaline, colored by iron in the crystal structure. Paraiba Blue Tourmalines are colored by copper in the crystal structure.

      Tourmalines are a large group of borosilicate minerals. Many tourmalines are elbaites, which are multi-colored minerals rich in sodium, aluminum, lithium and occasionally copper. They are adored for their array of beautiful colors causes by a huge variety of chemical compositions and color zoning. When conditions change during the formation of tourmaline crystals it can cause two or more colors to occur on a single crystal. Tourmaline crystals are pyroelectric, piezoelectric, and produce negative ions. This makes Tourmaline a very powerful stone to wear and keep in your space to create positive energy.

      The word Tourmaline is derived from the Sinhalese (language of Sri Lanka) word "Toramalli" which means “mixed gems”. Dutch merchants used this word to describe the multicolored pebbles that miners found in the gem gravels of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). Ancient Egyptian legend describes Tourmaline crystals traveling up from the center of the Earth along a rainbow, gathering the diverse array of colors as they journeyed to the heavens. Magicians living in the Andes mountains used Tourmaline to create magical staffs to access the ancient knowledge of the Earth. Ancient Indian ceremonies used Tourmaline crystals to attain enlightenment and peace.

      Blue Tourmaline is a calming stone of peace, tranquility and communication. It helps you connect with and enhances communication with your spirit guides, angels and higher levels of consciousness. A potent stone of spiritual activation, Blue Tourmaline will help you on your spiritual awakening journey. Blue Tourmaline enhances your verbal communication and automatic writing abilities. Throughout history, Blue Tourmaline has been used by spiritual practitioners, shamans, and healers to enhance their intuitive gifts and healing powers.

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