Chrome Diopside

Chrome Diopside


      Diopside is a pyroxene mineral occuring in igneous and metamorphic rocks all over the globe. Diopside is significantly more abundant in Earth's mantle than at the surface. It is often used as an indicator for where diamonds can be found. Diopside was named in 1806 by Rene Just Haüy after the  Greek word “dis” meaning “twice” and òpsè meaning "face".

      Chrome Diopside is the chromium bearing variety of Diopside with a stunning green color that rivals Emerald, Chrome Tourmaline and Tsavorite Garnet with a fraction of the price. Most Chrome Diopside originates from Russia and Pakistan, but is also found in other parts of the world like Australia, Canada, Madagascar, Brazil and South Africa. Sometimes in Diopside (and other stones like Ruby and Sapphire), reflections of light from a network of fine rutile crystals create a beautiful "star" also known as an asterism, on the surface of the gem (must be a properly cut gem or sphere shape). The star's position depends on the location of the light source and the position of the observer.

      Chrome Diopside is an extremely powerful healer for the Heart Chakra and will help to clear energetic blockages from your energy field. Chrome Diopside helps you connect with nature and the healing energy from Mother Earth. Chrome Diopside activates the Heart Chakra and your creativity to share love with the world. Chrome Diopside heals and rejuvenates the heart after heartbreak and loss.

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