Energetic Hygiene: A Guide to Cleansing your Crystals and Home

Energetic Hygiene: A Guide to Cleansing your Crystals and Home

Spring is a beautiful time of growth, rebirth and for many, spring cleaning! The tradition of spring cleaning has always resonated with me, maybe it's beause it's the beginning of the astrological year and the Spring Equinox on March 20/21. This is a powerful time to cleanse and refresh your space energetically by releasing things that no longer serve you. Whether it' that relationship you've been promising yourself to move on or that sweater hanging in the back of your closet that you haven't worn for ten years. Let that shit go! 

Cleansing your space physical and energetic is the best way to begin the new cycle by releasing the old that's no longer serving you. Over the next week, clean, declutter and organize your space and crystals. Dust is a sign of stagnant energy, which is a buzzkill to energy work and manifestations.

Ideally, you want cleanse your crystals about once a month. I prefer to cleanse myself, my crystals and my home this around the time of the full moon each month.

Signs you need to cleanse your space and crystals

  • After the crystal has been exposed to a lot of intense energy
  • After the crystal has been used by someone else or you used in a healing session on someone else
  • Arguments and miscommunication are becoming more frequent
  • It’s hard to maintain a positive mindset
  • You are experiencing insomnia or nightmares
  • You feel emotional, unmotivated, tired or drained
  • You feel like somethings not right 
  • You have trouble relaxing
  • You notice dust and clutter
  • You recently purchased a new crystal
  • You start to notice unexplainable shadows
  • You struggle to focus

How to cleanse your crystals


Smoke is my go-to method for energetic cleansing (I am a fire sign)! You can use herbs, Palo Santo, sage or incense. Allow the crystal to bathe in the smoke for about a minute.


This is by far the easiest method for those with a large collection. You will want to be in a comfortable position and face the crystal(s). Begin by visualizing a bright white light beginning to grow and envelop your crystal in its healing light. All stagnant and stuck energy is leaving the crystal. If you using this method to cleanse many crystals at once, I recommend spending about 5-10 minutes working in sections of your collection. If you are cleansing just a few crystals, 1-2 minutes is sufficient. Allow your intuition to guide you.


The full moon is the best time to cleanse your crystals as it is a beautiful time of release. Place your crystals in a safe place (like a window sill) where the moonlight will be able to shine on them for the majority of the night. In the morning, be sure to collect them as certain crystals may fade in sunlight.


For this method, you must first know whether your crystal is water safe. Certain crystals will dissolve or crack over time if left in water and some are toxic. Do not use the water method for cleansing toxic minerals. Selenite, for example, is a 2 on the MOHs scale and should not be left in water or used in elixirs. You can however quickly use water to clean the surface of your Selenite and it will be fine. Place your crystal in a bowl of water from a natural body of water (you can also use distilled water if needed) for 10-15 minutes. Allow the crystal time to throughly dry.


Salt is used for  many things like energy cleansing, protection and even sterilizing wounds. Place your crystal in a bowl of salt for a few hours. 


Selenite is a powerful energetic cleanser, for us and our crystals. Selenite does not hold energy and does not need energetic cleansing, making it a great tool to use to cleanse your other crystals. Selenite plates or bowls are the easiest to work with. Place your crystal on or near your Selenite overnight for cleansing. 


The cleansing and healing energy from Mother Earth is extremely powerful. This method is best for crystals that have been exposed to toxic or malicious energy or entities. Bury your crystal a few inches in the ground for several hours to several days.


Sound healing has profound healing and balancing effects. The gentle and soothing sounds clear away any stuck or stagnant energy. Play a sound bowl, ting sha, tuning fork or 852 hz frequency music for 5 minutes.

Jamie Inglett

Jamie Inglett is founder and CEO of Enchanting Earth and author of Crystal Creed. Founded in late November 2019, Enchanting Earth has an ever-growing online crystal community of over 185,000 and has sold millions of crystals to enchanted souls across the globe. Jamie is an intuitive healer, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual coach. She also has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Jamie retired from her career as a banking executive to pursue her mission of spreading empowerment, love, and healing through crystals.

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