Pink Fire Quartz

Pink Fire Quartz


      Covellite is a rare copper sulfide mineral and is also known by the name “Covelline”. Covelite is usually formed as secondary copper mineral in deposits and rarely as a primary mineral in copper deposits. Covellite is an important mineral used in many technological applications.

      Covellite in Quartz originates from only one mine located in the Espirito Santo state in Brazil! This extremely rare material is most commonly made into faceted gems to be set into jewelry due to its high value.

      Also known as "Pink Fire Quartz" due to its iridescent sparkle from Covellite inclusions, is a captivating and magical stone that's highly sought after by crystal collectors and energy healers.

      When a specific material is an inclusion in Quartz, its healing properties are amplified. Covellite is one of the most powerful minerals to work with for activating your psychic abilities and shadow work. Shadow work is an integral part of your spiritual journey that allows you to heal repressed trauma and discover all parts of the self. Meditating with Covellite Pink Fire Quartz is like shining a light into your subconscious mind. Experiences you may have repressed will come to the surface, allowing you to work through the healing process and reclaim parts of your soul that have been lost to trauma.

      Pink Fire Quartz is a powerful activator of your psychic abilities. Pink Fire Quartz helps you discover and enhance your gifts. If you have repressed or have spiritual traumas that have blocked your abilities, Pink Fire Quartz will help you heal and embrace your gifts.

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