Our Story


Enchanting Earth was founded in 2019 with the intention of self-empowerment and healing in a safe community for spiritual growth of all practices, faiths and experience levels.  

We are passionate about providing high quality, enchanting crystals and spiritual tools at affordable prices to help you on your journey.  We have established relationships with vendors all over the world from gem shows and making connections online to bring you high quality and ethically sourced crystals.  We pride ourselves in working with family owned mines and small businesses to support communities around the world and do our best to ensure our crystals are fair trade and ethically sourced.  Most of our crystals are hand picked with intention to ensure we are providing you with the best quality we can ethically source. 

I worked in the banking industry for over 11 years finishing my career as a Vice President and Senior Officer at a community bank. I graduated from Baker University with a Master's in Business Administration and continue to pursue learning opportunities to better myself and bring positive changes to the world.

Rose Quartz was the first crystal I remember receiving along with a stone set that had all the state minerals when I was just entering grade school over 30 years ago. I was very fascinated with crystals even then!  My love for crystals was encouraged when my mom bought me "Tales of the Crystals" Board game, it was my favorite thing at the time.  Crystals slowly drifted away from my focus for a time period as I progressed in school, starting a family and my career in banking. 

In 2012, I went on my first rock hounding trip with my husband, son, parents and brother to Arkansas Quartz mines to dig for Quartz! It was an incredible, life changing experience and I have been absolutely obsessed with crystals ever since!  I started researching and learning about the metaphysical and healing properties of crystals which guided me to using crystals for healing and self care. I have suffered from chronic illness through my life and by utilizing crystals, meditation and sound healing I have transformed my physical and mental health. Health and healing is constant journey, and no one thing is going to be a quick fix. I recommend pairing crystals with a healthy diet and exercise, a positive mind set, meditation and sound healing. Crystals are not a replacement for traditional medicine, you must seek a doctor for specific medical advice or concerns. Crystals and energy healing have not been evaluated or validated by the FDA.

In 2019, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to mine for aquamarine on Mount Antero with Gemtracker Brian Busse from the show Prospectors on the Weather Channel!  This was another profound, life changing experience to mine one of my favorite stones in my favorite state, Colorado, and take in the whole process of mining in the mountains.  I took the below photo which was our inspiration for our logo and had an artist create it for us.  On this trip, I also attended my first gem show, the Denver Gem Show and a few months later I launched my website in December 2019. In July 2020, I took a giant leap of faith and left my banking career to focus on Enchanting Earth, my family and my health. Our team has grown to five full time employees now and we have been blessed to be able to open a retail store and serve our local community!

We host weekly live sales on Instagram @enchantingearthco where we share magical crystals from around the world with you, and chat about spirituality & life!  It's a ton of fun and you will fit right in, I promise. We have the most amazing community and hope you will join our lives whether you plan to shop or not!  You can tune in just to learn about the healing properties of crystals, admire their beauty, hang out with our amazing community, shop or all!  If social media isn't your thing, new items are added to the website every few days!  We ship hundreds of packages every week and pride ourselves in selecting and shipping your crystals with care and love. 

We are so appreciative of your presence and welcome you to our incredible community.  Our community has grown very quickly and we are so excited to welcome you in!  We are grateful for your support of our small family owned business and through your support we are able to help our local community, country and small businesses/families around the world!

Love, light and many blessings to you!