Snowball Euphoralite


      Snowball Euphoralite contains Blue Tourmaline, Quartz, Feldspar.  Snowball Euphoralite is extremely helpful in accessing higher realms of consciousness and healing emotional trauma.

      Euphoralites are amazing healing compounds of mineral deposits from up to 2.8 billion years ago, found in the South Dakota Black Hills.  Euphoralites are highly vibrational stones, with different mineral combinations to create positive energy, healing and bring the body to a state of balance and euphoria.  Euphoralites were discovered, mined, cut and polished by Gary Rowley in South Dakota.  Euphoralites are highly sought after for their amazing properties by healing practioners and crystal lovers!

      Filled with negative ions (good) that counteract the positive ions (bad) from electronics.  Negative ions boost the body’s level of serotonin which relieves stress, anxiety, promotes joy and happiness.  The high levels of negative ions in Euphoralite balances & grounds the body, help you discover your true self, assist with meditation and elevate your consciousness to reach a state of euphoria.