Porcelain Jasper

Porcelain Jasper


       Porcelain Jasper is a breathtaking variety of jasper, which is a form of chalcedony found around Sonora, Mexico. It's also known as Exotica, Santefe or Scifi Jasper. Porcelain Jasper is well-known for its captivating colors, patterns, and porcelain-like appearance. The exact formula for Porcelain Jasper can vary depending on the geological conditions under which it forms. It's composed of silicon dioxide and contains trace impurities which gives it the beautiful array of colors. Iron oxide, also known as Hematite, cause red, orange, and yellow hues, while other minerals give it other various hues like purple or gray. Porcelain Jasper is generally found in regions with volcanic or hydrothermal activity and occur in a variety of geological settings, including sedimentary rocks, volcanic tuffs, and hydrothermal veins. Notable deposits of Porcelain Jasper are found in Australia, Brazil, the western United States (particularly Oregon and Idaho), Madagascar, and Mexico.

      Jasper is the name for a brightly colored, solid or patterned, opaque microcrystalline quartz. Flint and Chert are also names for opaque microcrystalline quartz but these have muted or neutral colors. Stones used to make tools were typically called Flint. 

      Jasper has an enchanting history and beloved for thousands of years for its protective and healing properties. It has been found in archaeological sites dating back to the Neolithic period (7000–1700 BCE). The name “Jasper” is derived from the Greek word “iaspis” meaning “spotted stone.”

      Jaspers are used in jewelry, amulets, and talismans to ward off negative energy and promote balance and harmony. They are usually cabbed or carved; rarely will Jaspers be faceted into a gemstone. Jaspers are found all over the globe, with patterns or colors unique to certain localities.

      Porcelain Jasper is an enchanting stone of spiritual awareness, peace and protection. It has a beautiful grounding energy that brings you to a state of tranquility and well-being. Porcelain Jasper is one of the best stones for emotional healing with its gentle and stabilizing energy. It's a great stone to wear and use with affirmations for anti-aging and a youthful appearance. Porcelain Jasper is a powerful stone for attracting love and can be used to harmonize relationships. Its high-vibe energy helps you progress on your spiritual awakening journey. Porcelain Jasper strengthens your intuition and connection with spirit guides, angels, divine/spirit/source energy.

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