How to Level Up your Meditation Practice with Harmonizers

How to Level Up your Meditation Practice with Harmonizers

Harmonizers, also known as rods or cylinders, are the most effective way to balance the body during meditation. They are specifically made to fit perfectly in your hand to restore balance and harmony to your body during meditation. 

The use of these magical tools date back to Ancient Egypt. Rods were used by Priests and Pharaohs. Rods, also known as harmonizers, enhance the flow of energy through the body for healing. Egyptians used metals like copper and zinc with filling of different materials like quartz.

By holding these pillars of energy, you create a vortex of energy that brings a powerful shift in your body to restore your energy to a harmonious flow. The more you meditate with harmonizers, you will find your body maintains its alignment, feel more grounded and notice improvements in your health and mood.

Uses for Crystal Harmonizers

  • Create positive energy in your space
  • Hold during meditation or yoga
  • Purify energy in your space
Meditate with Crystal Harmonizers

a must-have tool for meditation

I first began using crystal harmonizers in my healing practice in 2020, when I got my first set of Shungite Harmonizers. I quickly found this shape to be extremely grounding and helps restore my body to balance with ease. Harmonizers are my go-to for meditation because their perfect shape helps to efficiently harmonize the body. We began building our collection of custom harmonizers over the last few years to help support you on your healing journey.

I always hold harmonizers during my meditations whether I'm laying down with stones place on my body or sitting up. I find this shape helps to ground me back into my body more powerfully than any other shape I've worked with. I find that the even shape in each hand centers me and helps me focus my intentions for the meditation.

Crystal Harmonizers

How to Use Crystal Harmonizers

Select your harmonizers based on intention. It is best to have one for each hand. For some, you may feel called to work with two of the same stone harmonizers or to pair different stones together based on your intention.

Step 1: Select your crystals based on what you are working on. I prefer to let my intuition guide me on which crystal to hold in each hand. Traditionally, you would hold the masculine crystal in your left hand and feminine crystal in your right hand but this is not a concept that has ever truly resonated with me. Allow your intuition to guide you on hand placements.

Step 2: Put on comfortable clothes and cleanse your space. You may also want to dim the lights and play music (I would begin with 432 hz).

Step 3: Sit or lay in a position you will be comfortable in for about 15 minutes.

Step 4: Hold your harmonizers in each hand and close your eyes.

Step 5: Focus on your breath and allow your mind to focus on the rods in your hands. Feel the harmonizing energy flow restoring your body to a state of balance. 

Step 6: When you are finished, take a moment of gratitude and allow yourself a few minutes to feel present.

Jamie Inglett

Jamie Inglett is an intuitive healer, teacher, author, founder and CEO of Enchanting Earth; a gemstone jewelry and crystal shop. She is a crystal healing expert who has studied crystals and healing since her spiritual awakening in 2012 at a Quartz mine in Arkansas. Jamie has a master’s degree in business administration. She retired from her successful banking career to pursue her mission of spreading empowerment, love, and healing through crystals. Jamie loves to teach crystal healing live on her social media channels. Further your crystal knowledge and join the enchanting community on Instagram @enchantingearthco

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