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What is Lions Gate Portal? Lions Gate Meaning in Astrology

The Lions Gate Portal is an astrological alignment between July 26 and August 12th, when the sun is in the sign of Leo. Lions Gate reaches its peak on August 8th (8/8). In numerology, 8 symbolizes  balance, power, success.


Sirius, one of the brightest stars (known in astrology as our Spiritual Sun), aligns with Orion's Belt directly over the pyramids of Giza. The pyramids were built to charge the Earth during this powerful alignment. During this time, divine wisdom and truths will be revealed. It's a time of powerful psychic downloads, awakening, growth, transformation, upgrades, ascension and manifestation.


Lions Gate is a time of reclaiming your power and embracing your Higher Self. Use this time to reflect, reclaim lost power, meditate, shamanic journey, practice divination and create potent magic. Lions Gate is one of the luckiest days each year to manifest your dreams. 

How to harness your power during Lions Gate

Ways to Use your Crystals for Lions Gate

✨ Be open to wisdom and ancient knowledge

✨ Charge your crystals in sunlight for a short period of time

✨ Create an abundance crystal grid

✨ Dream big and be open to endless possibilities

✨ Meditate with your crystals for guidance on your future

✨ Reflect on positive changes you can make in the world

✨ Repeat affirmations 8 times while holding your crystals

✨ Set intentions to manifest your desires

✨ Sit holding a crystal specific to your intention and visualize your dreams

✨ Sit in sunlight with your crystals for a short period of time to receive the healing and powerful energy from the sun

✨ Take a spiritual bath or shower with crystals

✨ Write your intentions in a journal or on a piece of paper and place under a candle.

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