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Crystal recommendations for learning.  

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Fluorite TumbleFluorite Tumble
Fluorite Tumble
Regular price $3.00
AAA Fluorite BraceletAAA Fluorite Bracelet
AAA Fluorite Bracelet
Prehnite with Rutile TumblePrehnite with Rutile Tumble
Prehnite with Rutile Tumble
Regular price $3.00
Crystal Mushrooms
Crystal Mushrooms
Regular price $30.00
AAA Green Fluorite BraceletAAA Green Fluorite Bracelet
AAA Green Fluorite Bracelet
Regular price $15.00
Dumortierite BraceletDumortierite Bracelet
Dumortierite Bracelet
Regular price $25.00
Fluorite Worry StoneFluorite Worry Stone
Fluorite Worry Stone
Regular price $6.00
Fluorite Cube
Fluorite Cube
Regular price $5.00
Apatite OctopusApatite Octopus
Blue Apatite Octopus
Regular price $99.00
Fluorite Frenchie Dog CarvingFluorite Frenchie Dog Carving
Fluorite Frenchie Dog Carving
Regular price $44.00
Fluorite Butterfly and Quartz BraceletFluorite Butterfly and Quartz Bracelet
Fluorite Butterfly and Quartz Bracelet
Regular price $33.00
Purple Fluorite BraceletPurple Fluorite Bracelet
Purple Fluorite Bracelet
Regular price $12.00
Fluorite SkullFluorite Skull
Fluorite Skull
Regular price $200.00