Malaya Color Change Garnet Adjustable Finger Cuff Ring 18K Solid Gold for Health, Protection and Awareness
Malaya Color Change Garnet Adjustable Finger Cuff Ring 18K Solid Gold for Health, Protection and Awareness

Malaya Color Change Garnet Adjustable Finger Cuff Ring 18K Solid Gold for Health, Protection and Awareness

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Absolutely enchanting Malaya Garnet Adjustable Finger Cuff Ring 18K Solid Gold Adjustable ring fits sizes 4-11. Stone is 1.4 carats. Gold weight: 5.94 grams

This beautiful, high quality, natural untreated Malaya Garnet from Tanzania was hand picked with intention just for you by Rick and Jamie and set in our incredible adjustable 18K solid gold setting.

~Malaya Garnet Metaphysical Properties~

♡ Chakra: Root, Sacral

♡ Element: Earth and Water

♡ Numerology: 1

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Capricorn, Libra

♡ Stone of Ultimate Health

♡ Enhances energy, health & connection to the Earth

♡ Promotes joy, protection, security & strength

♡ Release anxiety & fear; supports trust in the infinite abundance of the Universe

♡ Supports the reproductive system & injury recovery

Malaya Garnet (also known as Malaia Garnet) were discovered in the 1960s in the Umba River Valley bordering Tanzania and Kenya. These incredible rare, color-changing gems were named “Malaia” from Swahili word meaning “outcast” because the miners were searching for Rhodolites and they were literally set aside. 

Malaya Garnet is the gemological trade name for a hybrid of garnets with light to slightly dark colors ranging from pink, pinkish orange, yellowish orange, orange, to red. It's a variety of pyralspite garnet (a blend of pyrope, almandine, and spessartite garnets) and has a wide range of compositions. Some Malaya garnets change colors under incandescent and fluorescent light. When faceted, they display brilliant red flashes because of the presence of chromium or vanadium. Malaya Garnets are also found in Madgascar. Because of its rarity, Malaya Garnet gems ranging from 3-5 carats are very large and cause the price to significantly increase.

Humans have been enchanted with Garnets for more than 5,000 years, dating back to the Bronze Age. Garnets are a large group of rock-forming silicate minerals. They are found all over the world in metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary rocks. Most Garnets form in volcanic environments when aluminum-rich sedimentary rocks like shale are subject to intense heat and pressure.

Garnet is the modern & traditional January birthstone and is the second anniversary stone. Garnet is derived from the Greek word “granatum” after its striking resemblance to the seeds in a pomegranate. Much of what has been recorded in history refers to red Garnets because they are the most common. 

Malaya Garnets have gentle, grounding energy that revitalizes your physical strength, vitality and wellbeing. A stone of empowerment, Malaya Garnet helps you heal from your past to create your dream life. Malaya Garnets have a regenerative energy that heal imbalances in the body's energy fields. Ignite the fire within you and enhance your intimate relationship with Malaya Garnet. Malaya Garnets enhance passion, pleasure and harmony in relationships. Break free from self-limiting beliefs holding you back from embracing your full potential and pleasure in life.

~Gold Metaphysical Properties~

♡ Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart and Solar Plexus

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether, Air and Fire

♡ Numerology: 2

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

♡ Balances and revitalizes the body's energy

♡ Clears negative and stagnant energy 

♡ Enhances manifestations, meditation & mental strength

♡ Provides energetic and physical protection

♡ Supports the skin and circulatory system

Gold is both a mineral and an element with galactic origins! The heavy elements that make up the Earth were formed in the hearts of stars through nuclear fission. The creation of heavier elements like gold (and other metals heavier than iron) are believed to have formed from the collision of two neutron stars. This intense cosmic event preceded the formation of our solar system. Gold reached the Earth about 4 billion years ago, when the Earth was bombarded with meteorites filled with gold and other metals. Over time, some gold became deposited in the Earth's mantle and crust. Gold is transported by magma from deep within the Earth's crust and deposited in cracks, veins, or other rock formations as the magma cools. Gold is named after the Greek word “Aurum” meaning “gold” and has the symbol Au on the periodic table. 

Gold has been adored for thousands of years because of its enchanting color, rarity, resistance to tarnish, soothing energy and its incredible healing powers! It has been adored by all major civilizations in the world to symbolize power, beauty, and success.  Gold is non-toxic and not known to interact with any drugs.  It is believed over 90% of the world’s known gold supply has been mined since the California Gold Rush. Gold is most often used in jewelry; other uses include coinage, government reserves, electronics, medicine, dentistry, computers, awards, pigments, gilding, and optics. The ancient Egyptians are the first known civilization to use gold for healing and in elixirs. They believed gold would rejuvenate, cure, protect the body from diseases and restore youthfulness. Ancient Romans used gold to cure skin problems. The Aztecs believed gold was the “sweat of the sun”. In medieval Europe, gold was used to relieve pain for sore limbs. Gold is edible and has been enjoyed in various cultures across the globe. Since the 1500s, Europeans have been putting gold leaf in bottles of liquor. Some Native American tribes believed consuming gold could allow humans to levitate. Gold is used in Aruyveda to boost immunity, intelligence, memory and concentration.  

Gold is extremely balancing and supportive of the body's energy systems. It helps you remain balanced, focused and energetically supported. Gold is anti-inflammatory and can be used to relieve joint pain. An incredible ally for uplifting your spirits when you are down, Gold is amazing for promoting mental and emotional wellbeing. Gold jewelry is incredible to wear on the skin as it improves the circulatory system and has anti-aging effects. Collodial gold is used in skin care, to improve moods, cognitive function, treatment of disease, tumors, IBS and addiction. Gold has a masculine energy that helps you harness the power of the sun.

You will receive the exact ring pictured.

Please note:  As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks or other imperfections.  We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.

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