Abalone Shell Meaning and Healing Properties

Abalone Shell Meaning and Healing Properties

Abalone belongs to the phylum Mollusca and the class Gastropida. Abalones are marine snails. The inner layer of their shell is composed of nacre (another name for Mother of Pearl and the same as the material pearls are composed of). Many species have highly iridescent shells which are adored for their lustrous beauty, bright colors and gentle energy. The name “Abalone” is derived from the Spanish word “Abulón”. 

The highly iridescent inner nacre layer of the shell of abalone has traditionally been used as a decorative items, in jewelry, and inlay in furniture, Obsidian carvings and musical instruments. Abalone has significant use in several Indigenous cultures around the world, specifically in Africa and on the Northwest American coast. The meat is considered a delicacy, and the shell is used to make ornaments, talismans and jewelry.

Abalone Shell brings us healing from the Water element with its blissful and protective energies! Abalone Shell helps enhance your spiritual gifts and ability to connect with your spirit guides. Experience emotional healing when working with Abalone Shell in your healing work. Abalone Shell has a gentle, feminine energy that helps soothe the nervous system. 

Hardness: 3.5

Color: Iridescent colors of the spectrum

Structure: N/A, Organic

Care: Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, it should be stored away from minerals higher on the MOHs scale.

Cleaning: Warm water, detergent, and soft brush.

Feng Shui Placement: Abalone Shell is the perfect addition to any room to promote positive energy and healing.

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Metaphysical properties

~Abalone Shell Metaphysical Properties~

♡ Chakra: Crown, Third Eye, Heart and Sacral

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether, Air and Water

♡ Numerology: 7

♡ Zodiac Sign: Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, Sagittarius

♡ Brings emotional healing, peace & protection

♡ Enhances communication, confidence & overall wellbeing

♡ Promotes commitment, creativity, fertility & growth

♡ Stabilizes emotions & helps you see the positive

♡ Supports the immune, nervous and muscular systems

Use + Crystal pairings

Abalone Shell is a powerful stone for emotional, physical` and spiritual healing. Abalone Shell can be use to attract positive energy and provide protection in any room. Wearing Abalone Shell jewelry will help you maintain a calm emotional state when you are experiencing stress or negative energy.

Seafoam Kyanite + Abalone Shell

This combination is great for support during periods of extreme stress, anxiety, depression or addiction. Seafoam Kyanite and Abalone Shell help clear away energy and calm your nervous system. 

Orbicular Jasper + Abalone Shell

This is a beautiful combination for promoting joy and positivity. Orbicular Jasper and Abalone Shell support you through Heart and Sacral Chakra healing work. Open your mind and heart to connect with your spirit guides for healing and guidance.

Moonstone + Abalone Shell

This is a fantastic combination for harmonizing the natural rhythms of  feminine energy and regular cycles. Moonstone and Abalone Shell help you connect with the Divine Feminine for guidance and can be used to promote fertility.

Affirmation: I am renewed in the healing energy of the Earth.

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