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Ammolite Meaning and Healing Properties

Ammolite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones. Ammolite is a trade name given to a thin, iridescent aragonite shell material that is found on Ammonites. Ammonites were cephalopods living in tropical seas until becoming extinct with the dinosaurs at the end of the Mesozoic era. Ammolites are believed to be more than 70 million years old. Large Ammolites specimens can retail for $100,000-$500,000.

Ammolites are primarily found in a small area along the Bearpaw Formation of southern Alberta, Canada. The Blackfoot people of this region consider Ammolites a “gift from the gods” that possesses supernatural properties. They call Ammolites "Iniskim" (meaning "buffalo stone") and use it as a talisman. Ammolite is one of few organic gemstones, among others like Amber and Pearl. The iridescence in Ammolite is due to interference with the light that rebounds from stacked layers of thin platelets that make up the Aragonite.

Ammolites hold potent healing energy and boost your life force energy. The spiral of the Ammolites support you on your spiritual path through times of transformation, growth and awakening. With their sacred geometric spiral, Ammolites enhance the flow of energy, expand your consciousness and attract positive energy. Ammolites bring powerful Earth medicine healing and protection from any negative energy. They embody the energy of transformation after soaking in millions of years of Earth energy, evolution and wisdom from our ancestors.

Hardness: 3.5-4

Color: All; iridescent colors of the spectrum. Most common colors are green and red.

Structure: Orthorhombic

Care: Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, it should be stored away from minerals higher on the MOHs scale.

Cleaning: Ammolite can be cleaned briefly with a soft, damp cloth.

Feng Shui Placement: Ammolite is great to keep in any location in the home. Ammolies can be placed by color throughout the home using the Bagua Map and it's dominant color. Ammolites are powerful attractors of positive energy into the home and protection against negative energy.

Enchanting Ammolite Finger Cuffs
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Metaphysical properties

♡ Chakra: All

♡ Element: All

♡ Numerology: 7

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aquarius, Cancer, Gemini, Capricorn

♡ Brings good luck, growth, prosperity & protection

♡ Enhances connection with ancient knowledge & energy

♡ Promotes good health, success, kundalini awakening & wealth

♡ Releases negative & stuck energy

♡ Supports overall health, blood and metabolism

Use + Crystal pairings

Ammolite is a perfect crystal to keep in any part of your home to attract positive energy. I love to wear Ammolite jewelry for healing and for protection against negative energy. Ammolite is also a great stone to keep on your altar and to use in meditation.

Petrified Wood + Ammolite

I love to use this combination in meditation to connect with ancestors and spirit guides. Ammolite and Petrified Wood help you connect with the potent healing energy from Mother Earth and receive wisdom from ancestors and guides.

Amethyst + Ammolite

This combination is great for releasing negative energetic attachments. Amethyst and Ammolite help to purify the body's energy field and enhance your life force energy.

Garnet + Ammolite

This is an amazing pairing for manifesting physical health. Garnet and Ammolite are a fantastic pairing for grounding into the infinite abundance of healing energy from Mother Earth. 

Affirmation: I connect with the ancient healing powers of the Earth.

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