Crystal of the Week: Euphoralite ~ Amazing Healing Compounds from South Dakota

Crystal of the Week: Euphoralite ~ Amazing Healing Compounds from South Dakota

Have you heard of Euphoralite? It's one of my absolute favorites for meditation and healing!

Euphoralites are amazing healing compounds of mineral deposits from up to 2.8 billion years ago, found in the South Dakota Black Hills. Euphoralites are highly vibrational stones, with different mineral combinations to create positive energy, healing and bring the body to a state of balance and euphoria. 

Euphoralites were discovered, mined, cut and polished by an amazing man in South Dakota. Euphoralites are highly sought after for their amazing properties by healing practioners and crystal lovers! Filled with negative ions (good) that counteract the positive ions (bad) from electronics. Negative ions boost the body’s level of serotonin which relieves stress, anxiety, promotes joy and happiness. The high levels of negative ions in Euphoralite balances & grounds the body, help you discover your true self, assist with meditation and elevate your consciousness to reach a state of euphoria!

Ascension – Balance, healing, mental clarity and willpower


Amour – Romance, Heart Healing, Insight and wisdom into matters of love 

Pink Tourmaline, Albite

Bliss – Awareness, bliss, creativity, discover new paths, stress relief

Lepidolite, Quartz, Feldspar

Blood Dragon – Assistance manifesting your dreams into reality and higher purpose

Quartz, Hematite

Divine – Connection with the divine, self-healing, stress relief

Purple Lepidolite, Quartz, Feldspar

Earth – Grounding, strength, awareness, Earth connection

Garnet, Mica, Beryl

Electric – Protection, love, stress relief, mental clarity

Purple Lepidolite, Spodumene, Tantalum, Silver Mica

Enchanted – Connection with higher realms, Intuition, Positive Energy, Good Luck, Creation of your Dream Life

Blue Lepidolite, Mica, Feldspar

Exotic – Awareness, confidence, peace, power

Blue Tourmaline, Blue Apatite, Gold Mica, Sulfur, Feldspar, Tantalum

Gaia – Mother Earth heals all, total body healing

Green Lepidolite, Mica 

Golden – Good vibes only, euphoria

Yellow Lepidolite, Mica, Feldspar, Gold, Sulfur

Harmony – Peace, joy, harmonious communication

Purple Lepidolite, Blue Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline

Ice – Calm communication, clarity

Blue Tourmaline, Silver Mica, Albite, Purple Lepidolite, Quartz

Illumination – Realization of your path

Blue Tourmaline, Albite, Loellingite, Mica 

Lavender Sky – Peace, relaxation, restful sleep, relaxation

Purple Lepidolite, Mica, Lithium

Luna – Support for stress relief for transitions, overcome obstacles, willpower, strength

Yellow Lepidolite, Mica, Lithium

Midnight – Experience peace and relaxation while you drift into sleep or meditative state

Dark Purple Lepidolite, Mica

Rare Gaia – Total healing, balance and regeneration from Mother Earth

Green Lepidolite, Mica, Quartz, Tourmaline

Rare Golden – Euphoria, empowerment. strength

Yellow Lepidolite, Quartz, Mica

Rare Red Dragon – Ultimate good luck, prosperity and health

Pyrite, Garnet, Biotite, Black Tourmaline, Lithium, Mica, Quartz, Feldspar

Red Dragon – Health, protection, stress relief

Biotite, Black Tourmaline, Lithium, Mica, Quartz, Feldspar

Shadow Dragon – Pain relief, healing, balance, support body’s energy levels, strength, power

Black Tourmaline, Feldspar, Quartz, Biotite

Snowball – Higher realms of consciousness, heal emotional trauma

Blue Tourmaline, Quartz, Feldspar

Spirit – Connect with guides, protection, peace

Blue Apatite, Microcline, Feldspar, Tantalum, Gold Mica, Silver Mica, Moonstone, Beryl

Storm – Strong support and stress relief for any situation.  You can weather any storm.

Dark Purple Lepidolite, Mica, Quartz 

Tranquil – Energetic cleansing & protection, remove negative thoughts and bad vibes

Black Tourmaline, Sulfur, Gold

Transcendence – Out of this world experience, attract all you desire, healing, support for new beginnings

Green Epidote, Albite, Quartz, Moonstone

Transformation – Embrace your higher self, step into your power

Blue Tourmaline, Gold Mica, Albite, Purple Lepidolite, Quartz, Black Tourmaline


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