Enchanting Green Kyanite Finger Bracelets

Green Kyanite Meaning and Healing Properties

Kyanite is an aluminum silicate mineral that is most often found formation as bladed crystals. Kyanite was named in 1789 by Abraham Gottlieb Werner after the Greek word "kyanos", meaning "blue" from its most common color formation. Kyanite is used in industries such as automotive and railroad as well as a number of products like porcelain, brick, ceramic and electronics. Because of its perfect cleavage and varying hardness, Kyanite is exceptionally hard to facet into jewelry; making high grade, perfect gems very rare. 

Metaphysically, Kyanite has a gentle but powerful cleansing energy that helps to clear the aura and energy fields from stagnant or negative energy. Kyanite helps to balance and harmonize yin/yang energy. Working with Kyanite will help enhance your psychic abilities and communication with spirit guides. Using Kyanite in meditation will help you reach a deeper, meditative state.

Green Kyanite is incredibly powerful for physical healing and connecting you with the healing energy of the Earth. Green Kyanite brings harmony, peace and love into your life. Green Kyanite is a Heart and Third Eye Chakra stone that helps you receive love and guidance from your higher self. Green Kyanite will enhance your connection and communication with nature spirits. Bring healing, harmony and love with the magic of Green Kyanite!

Hardness: 4-7.5

Colors: Green

Structure: Triclinic

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with water, abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, minerals higher on the hardness scale should be stored away from Kyanite. Kyanite is on the softer side of the MOHs scale so it should be worn and stored with care.

Cleaning: Warm water, mild soap, and soft brush.

Feng Shui Placement: Green Kyanite is a great stone to keep in the kitchen or dining room to promote health and wellness.

Enchanting Green Kyanite Finger Bracelets
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Metaphysical properties

Green Kyanite

♡ Chakra: Heart and Third Eye

♡ Element: Air and Spirit/Ether

♡ Numerology: 8

♡ Zodiac Sign: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

♡ Brings emotional balance & healing of trauma

♡ Enhances connection with Mother Earth & nature spirits

♡ Promotes compassion, forgiveness & peace

♡ Releases energetic blockages, stress & tension

♡ Supports the circulatory and nervous system

Use + Crystal pairings

Kyanite is a stone of communication, peace, release and truth. Kyanite can be used to clear the energy field of attachments and energy that is weighing you down. Green Kyanite is amazing to wear in jewelry for your overall healing, love and growth. Green Kyanite helps you attune with the healing and regenerative energy from Mother Earth.

Rhodochrosite + Green Kyanite

This combination is great for supporting the body during deep healing work on traumas in the Heart Chakra. Rhodochrosite and Green Kyanite are a powerful pair for healing self-limiting beliefs, trauma, attachments, emotions and grief. 

Orange Kyanite + Green Kyanite

I love this pairing to help overcome self-limiting beliefs and energy blocking your inner light. Orange Kyanite and Green Kyanite harmonize well together to heal and balance the Third Eye, Heart and Sacral Chakras.

Tiger Iron + Green Kyanite

I love to hold or wear this combination during shamanic journey and healing work. Green Kyanite has such a strong resonance with nature, it helps you make contact with nature spirits and to feel more present when you spend time in nature. Working with this beautiful combination will help you listen to the wisdom of the Earth and your ancestors for healing knowledge and wisdom. Tiger Eye helps to clear and transmute negative energy and entities from your energetic field.

Affirmation: When I find peace in nature, I open my heart to wisdom from the Earth.

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