Enchanting Libyan Desert Glass Cuff Rings

Libyan Desert Glass Meaning and Healing Properties

Libyan Desert Glass, also known as Libyan Gold Tektite, is a rare and ancient tektite that formed approximately 29 million years ago. Tektites are a natural glass that form when a meteorite strikes the Earth’s surface; melting and vaporizing the surrounding rock, when it cools it forms glass. Libyan Desert Glass is found in one of the most isolated and barren parts of the world, scattered across the eastern Sahara Desert in Egypt and Libya. The Sahara Desert is the hottest and largest desert in the world; spanning over 3.6 million square miles (9.2 million square kilometers).

Composed of nearly pure silica known as Lechatelierite, Libyan Desert Glass was formed by temperatures above 3100° FLibyan Desert Glass' beautiful and distinctive yellow-green color is attributed to the sand and rocks that melted during the impact, as well as trace elements like iron and nickel.

Ancient Egyptians named Libyan Desert Glass the "Rock of God" and believing it to hold profound healing and protective powers. They used Libyan Desert Glass to craft jewelry, beads, pendants, weapons, tools, talismans and other ornamental objects. Libyan Desert Glass was often carved into scarabs to be worn as amulets for protection and good luck. An elaborate pendant with a Libyan Desert Glass scarab was found in King Tutankhamun's tomb, believed to help him transition into the afterlife.

Libyan Desert Glass is an enchanting gem of abundance, empowerment, manifestation and harmony. It makes a great alternative to Moldavite, as it has a similar energy but less intense. Libyan Desert Glass raises your vibration to allow you to connect with higher levels of consciousness and higher realms. It's one of my favorite crystals for manifesting abundance and astral travel. Libyan Desert Glass connects you to cosmic wisdom and can be used to open portals. Treasured by Ancient Egyptians for its protective properties, Libyan Desert Glass creates a powerful shield of protection around the aura. Libyan Desert Glass is the perfect stone for star seeds and those who wish to unlock the wisdom of the cosmos.

Hardness: 5-6

Color: Yellow

Structure: Amorphous

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, it should be stored away from minerals higher on the MOHs scale.

Cleaning:  Warm water, mild soap, and soft cloth.

Feng Shui Placement: Libyan Desert Glass is a great stone to keep in the kitchen or dining room to enhance the flow of energy.

Enchanting Libyan Desert Glass Cuff Rings
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Metaphysical properties

♡ Chakra: All, particularly Solar Plexus

♡ Element: All

♡ Numerology: 3

♡ Zodiac Sign: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

 ♡ Brings focus, mental clarity, protection & wisdom 

 ♡ Enhances confidence, manifestations & willpower 

 ♡ Helps you access Akashic Records 

 ♡ Promotes joy & manifestation through visualization 

 ♡ Supports the digestive system

Use + Crystal pairings

Libyan Desert Glass is one of the most powerful stones to wear and use in metaphysical practice. Wearing Libyan Desert Glass enhances your overall energy and confidence. It can be used for all healing and manifesting intentions, especially powerful for the Solar Plexus. 

Bumblebee + Libyan Desert Glass

This is a powerful combination for harmonizing the digestive system. Bumblebee and Libyan Desert Glass harmonize to clear imbalances and enhance your overall energy. I also love this combination for enhancing confidence and willpower.

Blue Apatite + Libyan Desert Glass

I love this combination for weightloss and energy. Blue Apatite and Libyan Desert Glass harmonize to help support your body's overall health. This combination enhances your awareness of the decisions you make every day, and their effects on your goals.

Moldavite + Libyan Desert Glass

This is an extremely powerful combination for anyone wishing to transform their life and manifest their dreams! Working with Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass will help raise your vibration to align with the frequency of what you wish to attract.

Affirmation: I embrace my healing power.

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