Enchanting Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz Meaning and Healing Properties

Lithium Quartz is the trade name for Quartz with inclusions of the element Lithium, a silvery-alkali metal or Lithium-rich minerals. Lithium is one of the first few elements formed during the Big Bang. While only a small amount of Lithium was created during the Big Bang, Lithium is produced from the nuclear reactions that power nova explosions. The word lithium is derived from the Greek word "lithos" meaning "stone". Lithium Quartz is found in Brazil, Colombia, Madagascar and the United States.

Lithium has a wide variety of uses from batteries, in heat-resistant glass or ceramics, and in certain medications that psychiatrists prescribe. Lithium metal is used in alloys with aluminium and magnesium, to improve their strength and reduce mass. Aluminium-lithium alloys are used in aircraft, bicycle frames and high-speed trains.

Quartz, also known as “Rock Crystal”, is pure silicon dioxide. Quartz is named from the Greek word “krystallos”, meaning “ice”. Quartz is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen, with a chemical composition of SiO2. All other varieties of Quartz, such as purple Amethyst, yellow Citrine, green Praisolite, or pink Rose Quartz are colored due to tiny inclusions in the silica. Quartz is the most abundant mineral on Earth and found all over it! Most of the sand in the world's beaches is actually the mineral Quartz. Quartz is resistant to weathering so as some rocks weather away, Quartz will remain. It forms at all temperatures and is abundant in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks.

Lithium Quartz is an extremely soothing and supportive crystal for healing work. It has a proudly calming effect to emotions, making Lithium Quartz the perfect stone to keep around or wear in stressful situations. Lithium Quartz is a favorite amongst crystal healers for its incredibly tender energy that relaxes the body and mind for deep healing work. Bringing Lithium Quartz into your energy field will help regulate your nervous system and allow you to act with ease and grace in any situation. It is extremely supportive for anxiety and depression, through its amazing ability to raise your vibration. Lithium Quartz makes a great ally for overcoming addictions and compulsive behaviors. 

Hardness: 7

Color: Clear with mauve-pink-purple inclusions

Structure: Triagonal/Rhombohedral

Care: Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, it should be stored away from minerals higher on the MOHs scale.

Cleaning: Warm water, detergent, and soft cloth.

Feng Shui Placement: Lithium Quartz can be placed in any area of the home as it is programmable for intentions.

Enchanting Lithium Quartz
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Metaphysical properties

♡ Chakra: All

♡ Element: All

♡ Numerology: 6

♡ Zodiac Sign: All

♡ Brings healing, manifestation, peace & spiritual awakening

♡ Harmonizes relationships and enhances intimacy

♡ Provides relief for anxiety, stress & panic attacks

♡ Releases attachments to outcomes

♡ Supports mental health

Use + Crystal pairings

Lithium Quartz is a must-have for crystal healers and Quartz collectors. Lithium Quartz is one of the most amazing crystals to work with for soothing the nervous system and balancing your energy. It can be kept in any room and is incredible to wear in jewelry. 

Morganite + Lithium Quartz

This is an incredible pairing for trauma healing. Morganite and Lithium Quartz create a soothing and safe space for deep healing work. I love to recommend this combination for anyone who is learning to truly love themself and improve their self-worth.

Kyanite + Lithium Quartz

This is a powerful pairing for addiction recovery and overcoming compulsive/destructive behaviors. Kyanite and Lithium Quartz uplift your vibration, cutting the cords to behaviors and compulsions that aren't serving your highest good.

Black Tourmaline + Lithium Quartz

I have been loving this combination for overcoming fears and improving self-control. Black Tourmaline and Lithium Quartz wash away any negative or stagnant energy from the body and aura. They help you find peace when you are stressed and ground into the rejuvenating energy of the earth.

Affirmation: I am at peace in my mind, body and soul.

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