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Malachite Meaning and Healing Properties

Malachite is a common copper carbonate hydroxide mineral found all over the world. Malachite often grows with other copper minerals like Azurite, Bornite, Calcite, Chalcopyrite, Copper, Cuprite, and other iron oxides. Malachite was mined in ancient Egypt and Isreal up to 4,000 years ago. Malachite generally forms as crystalline aggregates or crusts with gorgeous banding like Agates. It's generally found as stalactites and botryoidal coatings on the surfaces of underground cavities, similar to the deposits of calcite found in caves. Malachite also forms as a pseudomorph after Azurite crystal forms, typically in a tabular formation. Malachite was named in antiquity (Pliny the Elder, 79 CE) molochitus after the Greek  word “μαλαχή” meaning "mallows" after the green color of leaves.

Malachite has been used as a pigment, in jewelry and home decor for thousands of years. Malachite pigment was used in the paintings of Egyptian tombs and in paintings produced throughout Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries. Malachite increases money when stored with money. Malachite resembling eyes can be used to ward off the evil eye. 

Malachite is one of the most powerful stones for transformation, abundance and protection. Malachite has a powerful attractive energy that helps you align with the frequency of what you would like to attract. Malachite is a great stone to keep in your energy field (either wear in jewelry or keep in your home) because it absorbs negative energy and transmutes it. Resonating with feminine energy, Malachite is incredible for healing ailments in the female reproductive system. Malachite opens your heart to receive healing and abundance during gratitude rituals.

Hardness: 3.5-4

Color: Green

Structure: Monoclinic

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with water, abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, minerals higher on the hardness scale should be stored away from it.

Cleaning: Cool water, mild soap, and soft brush. Do not leave submerged in water.

Feng Shui Placement: Malachite is a great stone to keep at the front entry for protection or in your sacred space. Malachite is also a great stone to keep in the dining room for digestion.

Enchanting Malachite Finger Cuffs
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Metaphysical properties

Malachite Metaphysical Properties

♡ Chakra: Heart and Solar Plexus

♡ Element: Water and Fire

♡ Numerology: 9

♡ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Scorpio

♡ Attracts abundance, luck, transformation and wealth

♡ Can help alleviate pain, draw toxins & restore strength

♡ Known as the Doula Stone, supports childbirth

♡ Protection from negative energy

♡ Supports the blood, digestive & reproductive systems

Use + Crystal pairings

Malachite can be used as a protection stone and to promote a peaceful sleep environment. Malachite is perfect to wear in jewelry to attract  the desires of your heart and transform your life. Malachite in the dining room will support digestions.

Green Kyanite + Malachite

This combination is great for healing broken hearts and attracting new relationships. Green Kyanite and Malachite harmonize very well together for meditation and healing.

Danburite + Malachite

I love this pairing to connect with the Divine Feminine, angels and spirit guides. Danburite opens your Crown Chakra to download higher frequencies and guidance to help support you on your healing journey. Connect with the energy of the divine feminine by holding or wearing Danburite and Malachite.

Moldvite + Malachite

This is an extremely powerful pairing to create a new beginning into your life. Pair Moldavite with Malachite under the new moon to help you align with your soul's path.

Affirmation: I embrace healing and transformation for my highest good.

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