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Pearl Meaning and Healing Properties

Pearl is the traditional birthstone for the month of June and the stone for 3rd and 30th wedding anniversaries. Pearls are an organic gemstone, meaning they come from plants or animals. Most gemstones are minerals (natural, inorganic materials with a specific chemical composition). Pearls form in either salt or fresh water environments in several species of bivalves (clams) that are members of the Phylum Mollusca. Pearls are composed of tiny overlapping platelets of the mineral aragonite, a calcium carbonate. Natural Pearls form in the body or mantle tissue of certain mollusks, usually around a microscopic irritant, and always without human help of any kind. Cultured Pearls requires human intervention and care. Today, most of the mollusks used in the culturing process are raised specifically for producing Pearls, although some wild mollusks are still collected and used. Since the 1920s, cultured pearls have almost completely replaced natural pearls in the market, allowing this enchanting gemstone to be affordable for almost any budget. Natural Pearls have a hefty price tag; a natural strand of freshwater Pearls can retail for $20,000. 

Pearls are known as the “Queen of the Gems” because of their fascinating history dating back to Ancient Egypt. Cleopatra owned the two largest pearls at that time, recorded by Roman historian Pliny the Elder. Pearls have been adored and prized as jewels longer than any other cut gemstone in recorded history. Recorded in ancient Vedic texts, Pearl is born of the Earth's waters and the heaven's powers, fertilized by a flash of lightning and considered to be the daughter of the Moon. In modern Western Culture, Pearls are also associated with Venus and Aphrodite (goddess of love who was born from the sea). Anicent legend says the tears Eve cried when she was banished from Eden turned to pearls. Other legends say white pearls are tears from God.

Pearls have a soothing and feminine energy that helps you tune into your intuition and receive guidance from your higher self. Pearls help support your body's overall health and energy. Pearls are incredible for attracting good energy into your home and luck on your path. 

Hardness: 2.5

Color: White, cream, black, gray, and silver. Some pearls also show the iridescent phenomenon known as orient.

Structure: Orthorhombic. Pearl is an organic gem which do not typically have a crystal structure.

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with water, abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, minerals higher on the hardness scale should be stored away from it. Pearls need moisture and draw moisture from the air. Keeping these in an air-tight container like a jewelry box or safe deposit box can be damaging to them. Pearls will also dry out, crack or discolor from excess heat. Pearls should also be cleaned before storage because they vulnerable to acids (think perspiration) and scratching. Store Pearl jewelry separately from other pieces to minimize accidental contact or scratches.

Cleaning: Warm water, mild soap, and soft microfiber cloth. Do not submerge in water.

Feng Shui Placement: Pearl is a beautiful gem to store in the bedroom to promote peace, love and fidelity in your relationships.

Enchanting Freshwater Pearl Cuff Rings
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"There have been two pearls that were the largest in the whole of history; both were owned by Cleopatra, the last of the Queens of Egypt—they had come down to her through the hands of the Kings of the East....In accordance with previous instructions the servants placed in front of her only a single vessel containing vinegar, the strong rough quality of which can melt pearls. She was at the moment wearing in her ears that remarkable and truly unique work of nature. Antony was full of curiosity to see what in the world she was going to do. She took one earring off and dropped the pearl in the vinegar, and when it was melted swallowed it....With this goes the story that, when that queen who had won on this important issue was captured, the second of this pair of pearls was cut in two pieces, so that half a helping of the jewel might be in each of the ears of Venus in the Pantheon at Rome."

Pliny, Natural History (IX.59.119-121; also Macrobius, Saturnalia, III.17.14-17)

Metaphysical properties

Pearl Metaphysical Properties

♡ Chakra: Crown, Third Eye and Sacral

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether and Water

♡ Numerology: 7

♡ Zodiac Sign: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer

♡ Brings honesty, commitment & faithfulness in relationships

♡ Comfort and supportive for pregnancy & child birthing

♡ Enhances insight on relationships & life force energy

♡ Promotes abundance, enlightenment, faith, fertility & wisdom

♡ Supports the immune and reproductive systems

Use + Crystal pairings

Pearl can be worn to enhance your intuition and feminine energy. You can set an intention with your Pearl jewelry to attract love and enhance your relationships.

Larimar + Pearl

I recommend this pairing for pregnancy and childbirth. Larimar and Pearl enhance feminine energy and will help support your body's energy during this important time.

Danburite + Pearl

I love this pairing to connect with the Divine Feminine, angels and spirit guides. Danburite and Pearl open your Crown Chakra to download higher frequencies and guidance to help support you on your healing journey. Hold this combination or place on your body during meditation for wisdom from higher realms.

Pink Tourmaline + Pearl

This is a powerful combination for enhancing your romantic relationships! Pink Tourmaline and Pearl promote honesty, commitment, fidelity and love. A combination I'd recommend pairing in jewelry to enhance your current relationship or attract a new one!

Affirmation: My inner knowing guides me to find truth.

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