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Red Tiger Eye Meaning and Healing Properties

Red Tiger Eye is the rare, red variety of Tiger Eye. Tiger Eye is commonly a yellow/brown color that will transform into a reddish color when exposed to high temperatures. Tiger Eye is the trade name for a variety of Quartz that displays a unique optical effect known as chatoyancy (or cat's eye effect) when a polished stone is moved back and forth under light. Tiger's Eye was discovered by French traveller and ornithologist Francois Levaillant in 1784. In ancient Rome, Red Tiger Eye was used by soldiers to increase strength, stamina, overcome fear and bring protection. In ancient Egypt, it was associated with the sun god Ra and used as eyes in statues of their deities. Ancient Egyptians also used Red Tiger Eye in protection amulets and talismans. Red Tiger Eye was also used by Native American tribes for grounding and in protection amulets.

Tiger Eye forms when water containing the minerals necessary to make both Quartz and Crocidolite seep into the crack. Quartz begins to grow on the crack surface, while Crocidolite fibers begin to grow from pieces of Crocidolite that are on the crack surface. The crack area fills with new material and then the rock cracks again, typically in a sliding motion along the existing crack surface because it is weaker than other areas. The new crack fills the same way, but the crocidolite fiber is slightly offset because of the crack shear. This process forms bands of Quartz with diagonal, discontinuous crocidolite fibers causing its chatoyancy. After some of the iron in the Crocidolite oxidizes, the material becomes the rich shades of brown, golden and red. The asbestos in Tiger Eye is not hazardous because the fibers are completely replaced by Quartz and iron oxides. Red Tiger’s Eye is primarily found in South Africa, in the Northern Cape Province. It is also found in other parts of the globe including Australia, Brazil, India, and the United States.

Red Tiger Eye helps you connect with and appreciate your body to experience pleasure and passion. It enhances confidence, physical vitality, libido and motivation. Red Tiger Eye helps you find the strength and stamina to accomplish your goals. It increases your body's energy and metabolism to aid in weight loss. This is an incredible crystal to work with manifesting a new career or promotion. Find your full potential with the power of Red Tiger Eye!

Hardness: 7

Color: Red, brown

Structure:  Trigonal

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with water, abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, minerals higher on the hardness scale should be stored away from it.

Cleaning: Warm water, mild soap, and soft brush.

Feng Shui Placement: Tiger Eye can be placed in the entryway for protection and harmony.

Enchanting Red Tiger Eye Rings
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Metaphysical properties


♡ Chakra: Root

♡ Element: Earth

♡ Numerology: 4

♡ Zodiac Sign: Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius

♡ Brings focus and drive to accomplish goals

♡ Enhances intention setting & balances emotions

♡ Increases confidence, energy, passion, willpower & vitality

♡ Provides protection against negative energy

♡ Supports the blood and reproductive system

Use + Crystal pairings

Red Tiger Eye is a wonderful stone to wear for grounding and energetic support. It is amazing to use in meditation and healing work to revitalize the body, mind and spirit. 

Scolecite + Red Tiger Eye

This combination is great for courage as you progress on your spiritual journey. Red Tiger Eye and Scolecite will give you the confidence, stamina and insight needed to accomplish your goals.

Pietersite + Red Tiger Eye

I love this pairing for manifesting a career change. Pietersite and Red Tiger Eye help you stay grounded and open to new possibilities. This is also a great combination for support during big transitions in life, giving you the insight, hope and motivation to excel on your path.

Obsidian + Red Tiger Eye

This is an amazing combination to practice shadow work with. Obsidian helps to illuminate the shadow, while Red Tiger Eye gives you the courage and power to move through trauma, self-limiting beliefs and behavior patterns of your past. I highly recommend this combination for working through body image issues and insecurities with your sexuality.

Affirmation: I am driven to pursue my dreams.

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