Pink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony


      Pink Chalcedony is a member of the Quartz family, a large group of silicate minerals. Pink Chalcedony is found in several areas across the globe with primary sources in Brazil, Namibia and the USA. Quartz is divided into two main groups, macrocrystalline and microcrystalline. Macrocrystalline quartz crystals have well-formed crystals that are large enough to be seen by the naked eye like Amethyst.

      Chalcedony is a mineral composed of tiny, microscopic crystals of quartz. It is a microcrystalline form of silica, meaning its crystals are too small to be visible without the use of a microscope. Chalcedony typically has a waxy or glassy luster, and comes in a wide range of colors. Chalcedony is found all over the world, and usually forms in volcanic rocks, geodes, and in sedimentary rocks.

      The name Chalcedony comes from the Latin word “chalcedonius” which is derived from the Greek word “khalkedon”. Chalcedony was found at the ancient Greek city of Chalcedon, on the Bosporus straight in Asia Minor (which is now a district in Istanbul, Turkey). Chalcedony is one of the oldest known gemstones. Ancients carved Chalcedony into cylindrical seals in Mesopotamia as early as the 7th century BCE. 

      Pink Chalcedony is a soothing stone of peace, love and harmony. A potent gem for harmonizing your relationships, Pink Chalcedony is an incredible stone to manifest more harmony, love and support in your relationships. Pink Chalcedony is extremely supportive for empaths and helps replenish the aura from negative energy. Manifest desired relationship by setting intentions with Pink Chalcedony. Attract love and joyful experiences on your journey by wearing Pink Chalcedony.