Rainbow Scapolite

Rainbow Scapolite


      Rainbow Scapolite is a trade name given to the iridescent variety of Scapolite with inclusions of Magnetite. In daylight, the inclusions of Rainbow Scapolite will appear brown and under focused light (like a flashlight) will show its beautiful iridescence.

      Scapolite is a mineral series consisting of two minerals: Marialite and Meionite which are composed of sodium or calcium aluminum silicate carbonate chloride. Both of these minerals have extremely similar compositions, crystal structures, and physical appearance. Scapolite was named in 1800 by José Bonifácio de Andrada e Silva from the Greek word “skapos” meaning "shaft" after its long prismatic crystal habit. Sometimes Scapolite contains tiny fibrous inclusions that create a "silk" within the stone that reflects light to form a cat's-eye. Scapolite is found all over the globe with significant deposits in Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Madagascar, Myanmar, Peru, Tajikistan, Tanzania, and the USA.

      Rainbow Scapolite is an incredibly powerful healing stone that accelerates physical healing and supports cellular regeneration. It improves memory, problem solving, reasoning and determination. Rainbow Scapolite helps you break free from habits and behaviors that prevent you from fulfilling your highest potential and manifest your dreams. Clear away stress and anxiety with Rainbow Scapolite's powerful ability to narrow your focus on solutions. Rainbow Scapolite is an amazing ally for relationships and business partnerships with its powerful harmonizing vibrations. Attract your desires with the magic of Rainbow Scapolite!

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