Red Zircon

Red Zircon


      Red Zircon is also known as Hyacinth or Jacinth. Zircon is one of the world's most popular gemstones and it has been adored for thousands of years. It's one of the modern December birthstones with Blue Topaz and Tanzanite. Zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral. Origins of the word Zircon are a topic of debate among scholars. Some believe it comes from the Arabic word "zarkun" meaning “cinnabar” or “vermilion” while others believe the source is the Persian word "zargun" meaning “gold colored.” Zircon occurs in a wide variety of colors so it's possible both beliefs are correct. For centuries, colorless Zircon was confused with Diamonds because of its brilliant fire and sparkle because of its high refractive index. Zircon is found in Brazil, Cambodia, Madagascar, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand and Vietnam.

      Zircon is the oldest mineral on Earth, formed over 4 billion years ago! Although Zircon is a natural gemstone, it's sometimes confused with synthetic cubic zirconia. Blue Zircon is the most popular and most expensive, however, almost all Blue Zircon is heated. Green is the rarest natural color of Zircon. Red and Green Zircon are collector varieties of Zircon as they are rare and expensive. Colorless Zircon makes a stunning, natural alternative to Diamond at a fraction of the price.

      During the Middle Ages, Zircon was used to promote deep sleep and ward off evil spirits. In the Hindu religion, Zircon can be alternated with Hessonite Garnet as one of the nine Gems of the Navaratna. When worn together in talismans, the nine gems bring protection, wealth, wisdom and good health. This practice was later adapted by Muslims. The Gems of the Navaratna are Ruby (Sun), Emerald (Mercury), Diamond (Venus), Pearl (Moon), Coral (Mars), Yellow Sapphire (Jupiter), Blue Sapphire (Saturn), Hessonite Garnet (Lunar Ascending Node), and Cats-Eye Chrysoberyl (Lunar Descending Node). When the gems are set in a circular pattern, the Ruby (Sun) is traditionally in the center, as it represents the center of the solar system.

      Red Zircon is an enchanting gem of strength, protection and manifestation. Its helps you ground into the healing and rejuvenating energy of the Earth. Red Zircon is known for its powerful ability to harmonize energy and calm emotions. Its fiery sparkle awakens your inner strength and passion. Red Zircon inspires harmony and commitment in relationships or helps attract a new one by enhancing your confidence and charisma. This enchanting gem rekindles your joy for life and cleanses you from any negative attachments. Its transformative energy will help you heal from heartbreak, loss, depression and low self-esteem. Red Zircon supports your self-healing journey by improving your self image and loving yourself as you are.

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