Enchanting Blue Diopside (Violane) Rings

Blue Diopside (Violane) Meaning and Healing Properties

Blue Diopside, also known as Violane, is a very rare form of manganese rich Diopside found in Russia. It's stunning blue color is due to  inclusions of manganese and iron. Diopside is a pyroxene mineral occuring in igneous and metamorphic rocks all over the globe. Diopside is significantly more abundant in Earth's mantle than at the surface. It is often used as an indicator for where diamonds can be found. Diopside was named in 1806 by Rene Just Haüy after the  Greek word “dis” meaning “twice” and òpsè meaning "face".


Blue Diopside (Violane) is a soothing stone of expansion and awareness. It has a blissful, relaxing energy that soothes the body, mind and spirit. Blue Diopside brings insight on emotions and emotional intelligence. It enhances communication by promoting peace and honesty. Blue Diopside is one of my favorite crystals to manifest by speaking affirmations and visualizing your desires. A supportive companion for connecting with angels and spirit guides, Blue Diopside elevates your vibration and enhances your connection. Blue Diopside is one of the best stones to work with angels and spirit guides for guidance and healing.

Hardness: 5-6

Color: Blue, gray, lilac

Structure: Monoclinic

Care: Avoid prolonged exposure to heat (or extreme heat), direct sunlight and contact with abrasive surfaces or chemicals. Remove before contact sports, weight lifting or activities where it may come into contact with force. As always, minerals higher on the hardness scale should be stored away from it. 

Cleaning: Warm water, mild soap, and soft cloth.

Feng Shui Placement: Blue Diopside is great to keep in the knowledge and personal growth corner or office. It can also be kept in the bedroom to promote peaceful sleep and connect with angels or spirit guides during prayer.

Enchanting Blue Diopside Rings
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Metaphysical properties

♡ Chakra: Throat

♡ Element: Spirit/Ether

♡ Numerology: 4

♡ Zodiac Sign: Gemini, Pisces, Aquarius

♡ Brings balance, comfort, compassion, love, peace & safety

♡ Enhances communication, creativity, focus, intuition & trust

♡ Helps you release emotions, fears, negative emotions & trauma

♡ Promotes angelic connection, harmony, forgiveness & truth

♡ Supports recovery from illness, injury or inflammation

Use + Crystal pairings

Blue Diopside is an incredible stone for meditation and spiritual growth. Although uncommon in jewelry, it makes an incredible stone to wear for peace, comfort and angelic connection. Blue Diopside enhances manifestation by speaking affirmations and visualizing your desires.

Angelite + Blue Diopside

I love this combination for connecting with angels and spirit guides. Angelite and Blue Diopside help you receive guidance and healing from higher realms. This combination is great for anyone who is struggling to connect with their spirit team.

Ruby + Blue Diopside

This is combination is incredible for manifesting love and intentions. Ruby gives you the empowerment needed to achieve your goals and Blue Diopside helps you call in support from higher realms and manifest through the Throat Chakra.

Amber + Blue Diopside

This is a must-have pairing for connecting with spirit guides and wisdom from ancestors. Amber and Blue Diopside soothe your energy for healing and divination. I love this combination for past life work and astral travel.

Affirmation: I give life to my ideas by speaking.

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