Purpurite Tumble for Healing and Protection
Purpurite Tumble for Healing and Protection
Purpurite Tumble for Healing and Protection
Purpurite Tumble for Healing and Protection

Purpurite Tumble for Healing and Protection

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A stunning, raw Purpurite Tumble. Unpolished, will leave purple residue on your hands. Wash hands after handling.

~Purpurite Metaphysical Properties~


♡ Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

♡ Brings enlightenment, realization of truths & deception

♡ Enhances connection with spirit guides & intuition

♡ Promotes empowerment & psychic protection

♡ Releases blockages, negative energy & attachments

♡ Supports the brain & protection from radiation

Purpurite is a rare manganese phosphate mineral that may also contain varying amounts of iron, leading to a range of colors. Purpurite is a secondary mineral, primarily formed by the alteration of lithiophilite, a lithium-manganese phosphate mineral generally found within pegmatites. It was first discovered and named in 1905 by Louis C. Graton and Waldemar T. Schaller. The name "Purpurite" originates from the Latin word "purpura" meaning "purple" after its stunning purple color. The primary source of high quality Purpurite is the Usakos mine in Namibia. Purpurite can also be found in the United States, Australia, France and Portugal.

Purpurite is a stone of spiritual growth, intuition and purification. Working with Purpurite will attune your body's energy to higher frequencies and raise your vibration. Purpurite helps to cleanse and remove stuck or stagnant energy. It helps you feel comfortable and peaceful during meditation and spiritual practices with its protective energy. Purpurite allows you to see clearly from a higher perspective and make decisions with guidance from your higher self. This incredible crystal helps you release negative patterns and habits so you can step into your full potential. Purpurite helps you discover the cause of self-destructive behaviors and thoughts allowing you to heal. It helps you connect with and live in alignment with your higher self. I love to recommend Purpurite for spiritual and psychic protection. Its a great ally for accessing the Akashic Records, shamanic journey and working with guides.

You will receive one intuitively selected tumble.  ~Purpurite tumbles are not polished and may leave a purple residue on your fingers.  Wash hands after handling, do not ingest.~

Please note:  As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks or other imperfections.  We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.

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