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Shiva Lingam for Balance, Creation and Fertility

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A lovely Shiva Lingam stone of your size selection. 

♡ Chakra: All

♡ Brings enlightenment & spiritual transformation

♡ Helps you break free from self limiting beliefs

♡ Enhances balance, the flow of energy and unity

♡ Promotes Kundalini activation and transformation

♡ Supports energy, general healing & reproductive system

Shiva Lingam stones are a form of cryptocrystalline quartz.  Shiva Lingam stones are only found near the Narmada River in Western India, one of the seven holy sites in India.  They are naturally shaped and tumbled by the river, then later hand polished in the villages.  The literal meaning of the words, Shiva Lingam, means  "Shiva's Sign", a symbol of the God Shiva (infinite power) in Hinduism and his union with Kali.  Although, the Shiva Lingam represents fertility due to its phallic shape, they also represents the infinite source of the universe. 

Shiva Lingams are said to activate the Kundalini, sexual energy, and help with fertility.  These stones are great to keep in your bedroom.  They represent both masculine and feminine and will stimulate your creativity.  Shiva Lingams increase pranic energy and will open and realign all the chakras.  Placing the stone on a specific Chakra and mediating with intention is a great way to use the energy from the Shiva Lingam.  They can also be held in both hands during meditation to bring forth balance with your masculine and feminine sides.  Shiva Lingam is great stone for overall health and are said to increase overall well-being, balance, spinal alignment & back pain relief, menopausal symptoms, fertility issues and prostate health.

You will receive one intuitively selected stone.

Please note:  As it is a natural stone, no two will be alike. Natural stones have varying shades, line patterns and inclusions. Natural stones may have chips, cracks or other imperfections.  We cannot guarantee perfect points or stones.

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