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Chakra Tuning Fork Set for Balance, Sound Healing and Wellbeing

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Amazing sound healing tool for use in your meditation practice! Each tuning fork is weighted so it can be used on your body! This is a perfect set for beginners to use in their healing practice with crystals!

From ancient civilizations to modern day healing, sound healing has been used throughout history to enhance your health by improving sleep, reducing physical pain, and returning your body back to its natural state of balance and wellbeing. Sound healing reduces anxiety, fatigue and stress.

Based on the laws of physics, principle of entrainment, sound healing instruments produce vibrations which attune the body to a specific frequency. This aligns the Chakras and balances the body to reach a state of harmony. Everything in the Universe vibrates at its own frequency. As humans, we have experiences on our journey that may cause our frequency to become unbalanced which can cause illness. Sound healing is an important aspect to healing practice as we can restore our body to balance, health and peace.

How to use: 

Sit in a quiet space with your favorite crystals. Tap sound fork with mallet or against your body to produce its vibration. Hold tuning fork near Chakra center to harmonize and heal. You may feel called to state positive affirmations or release any feelings that may arise. Repeat until you feel balance within the Chakra. Recommended daily use for 15 minutes. I prefer to rotate to a different Chakra each day, however, you may feel called to work with a specific Chakra for an extended period of time. Please trust your intuition and what feels right for you.

❤️ 1st Root - 194.18 Hz
🧡 2nd Sacral -210.42 Hz
💛 3rd Solar Plexus 126.22 Hz
💚 4th Heart - 136.10 Hz
💙 5th Throat - 141.27 Hz
💙 6th Third Eye - 221.23 Hz
💜 7th Crown - 172.06 Hz

You select a specific chakra to purchase or the entire set! You will receive the aluminum tuning fork of your selection; comes with a carrying bag and mallet. 

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